Honeycomb blinds, what are the benefits?

Honeycomb blinds are perhaps the most versatile and distinctive type of window covering available. As such, they have several features and characteristics that set them apart from other types of window decoration. We explain the benefits that smart honeycomb blinds can offer you and why you should get them in your home!

Smart control options

The electric honeycomb blinds from Smartblinds are all equipped with a smart motor. This means that you do not operate the honeycomb blinds manually via the cord, but via your smartphone. Of course, it is still always possible to bid your pleated blinds manually. With a simple little tug, you set your smart pleated blinds in motion. If you have Apple HomeKit as your smart home platform, you can connect our smart pleated blinds directly to Apple's Home app. Our honeycomb blinds, roller blinds and duo blinds are all Apple-certified, allowing you to add them directly to your smart home. For Google Home and other Android platforms, connecting to your smart home still requires a Motionblinds Wi-Fi Bridge. Via your platform's smart home app, you can control your Smartblinds separately or simultaneously. Does your smart home platform have a voice assistant? Then you can also control your blinds using voice commands. In addition, you can add your Smartblinds to your favourite smart home scenes. By adding your blinds to the automations in your home, you no longer have to look back at your blinds. Your honeycomb blinds will do the work for you.

Smart control honeycomb blinds

Perfect for every interior

Honeycomb blinds are commonly described as luxury window coverings. The appearance, design and ease of use of honeycomb blinds confirms this. Honeycomb blinds have an atmospheric look that suits almost every interior. The relief in the fabric is caused by the crossing of the 2 fabric strips that make up a double honeycomb blind. You can compose your smart honeycomb blinds entirely according to your wishes. For example, you can choose a translucent blind for your living room and a black-out blind for the bedroom. To make sure you choose the right colour and fabric, you can order free fabric samples.

Honeycomb blinds for every interior
insulating honeycomb blind
The double fabric strips of our honeycomb blinds create a honeycomb pattern of air chambers when the blind is closed. The air chambers fill with air, making it difficult for air from outside to enter through the window and preventing heat from being lost through your windows. Honeycomb blinds are therefore ideal to insulate your home.!
honeycomb blinds
The air in the air chambers of our pleated blinds not only has an insulating effect, but is also sound-absorbing. The stagnant air blocks noise as well as hot or cold air. So you are not bothered by noisy neighbours and you can throw a party at home without creating a nuisance.

Light and privacy

Honeycomb blinds are the ideal type of window covering to create your desired privacy and light. Honeycomb blinds distinguish themselves with the following: they can also be ordered in a Top Down Bottom Up version.

Top Down Bottom Up means that in addition to the normal function of a curtain that you can lower, you can also move the top of your pleated blind. This allows light to pass through at both the top and bottom of your pleated curtain. This creates light like you've never experienced in your home before!

Honeycomb blind TDBU

As you have read, honeycomb blinds are very different from other types of window coverings. Besides their unique design and appearance, smart honeycomb blinds from Smartblinds offer a lot of control possibilities and options. Give your interior an upgrade and configure your made-to-measure smart honeycomb blinds!