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The smart home world has been evolving rapidly in recent years. Therefore, we fully understand that a smart home solution like smart window coverings, is relatively new to you. At Smartblinds, we are convinced that smart window coverings are the future and that's why we would love to help you get acquainted! After all, it is not for nothing that our mission is to enable everyone to enjoy unparalleled comfort, convenience, fun, safety, atmosphere and sustainability at home. Find out more below!

What are Smartblinds
Our smart window coverings are controlled by wireless smart motors and can be fully controlled with your smartphone. With our stylish high-quality products, you will enjoy countless possibilities and experience the benefits of smart living in no time.
Who is Smartblinds
Smart window coverings should be accessible to everyone. That is why we exude simplicity in everything we do. This is reflected in the timeless, functional design of our products, the compact structure of our range, the simple design of our webshop and our fresh communication.
Smart living Smart living

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