colour trends fall & winter 2022

2022 has been underway for a while and a number of 2022 trend colours are already known. There is quite a bit of difference in the trend colours this year. For instance, Flexa has chosen the colour blue, while Karwei has actually declared gold as its trend colour. We will tell you which colours will take centre stage in autumn 2022 and which colour you really must have in your home!

Gold shades

Golden hues are very popular in many interiors in 2022. Karwei has declared Ginger Gold as the colour of 2022. They describe Ginger Gold as; a pure spicy natural shade that makes your interior shine. It is a warm colour that is close to nature and radiates tranquillity and warmth. Ginger Gold combines well with quiet shades such as white and beige. The colour looks great in your kitchen, living room and/or bedroom. Gold shades should not be missing in your interior this autumn.

Fresh tones

Fresh shades are still very popular. Flexa, for instance, has declared the colour Bright Skies as the trend colour of 2022. It is a blue shade that reminds you of a breath of fresh air. It is a light, airy, optimistic colour that is good for the spirit. With Bright Skies in your home, you will make your interior just a little more vibrant. This colour combines well with other shades. Fresh shades are ideal for your bedroom or study, for example!

Pastel colours

You come across pastel shades in many homes. This is not without reason. Pastel shades are also very popular in 2022. Pastels are used for almost all rooms, such as your living room, bedroom but also your study. Pastel shades are easy to combine with other colours. For instance, you can also combine a pastel shade with a golden hue.

Warm, natural tones

The last, but certainly not least popular, trend colour is a warm and natural shade. The colour called: Re-used Cardboard, has been named trend colour of 2022, according to colour experts at Colora. We think it is definitely justified! Re-used Cardboard is a colour that reminds you a bit of the forest. It is a natural, warm shade that combines well with other colours. This colour should not be missing from your interior in 2022 either!

Reflecting trend colours in your window coverings

The trend colours of 2022 can also be combined well with Smartblinds. For example, combine fresh shades with our Comfort White roller blind. Or use pastel shades on the wall and combine it with a smart roller blind, day and night blind or honeycomb blind!