How our smart window coverings work

As you can see in the video above, Smartblinds are incredibly easy to install and use. Read on below about how our smart window coverings work and how you can make it part of your interior in no time.

Technology behind Smartblinds

Smartblinds smart window coverings include Eve Motionblinds motors with Apple HomeKit certification. These motors make it possible to seamlessly integrate our smart window coverings with Apple's popular smart home platform: HomeKit. Apple users only need to scan a HomeKit Setup Code to automatically and securely link our smart window covering products with the Apple home app.

Smartblinds' motors are designed to protect the user's privacy at every step. Data is not stored in a Cloud, but locally on the motor. This means that any data exchanged at home, stays at home! A full battery on the motors lasts about a year. After that, you can easily recharge it using a USB-C cable.

In addition to working with Apple HomeKit, Smartblinds can also be integrated into other smart home platforms such as Alexa, Homey or Google Assistant. To establish perfect connectivity with these platforms, you will need a Motionblinds WiFi Bridge. This is easy to add to your shopping cart. Want to know how to connect your Bridge? Then watch the instruction video!

Future-proof with THREAD

The Smartblinds range is the first in the market to include the new home connectivity standard 'Thread'. Thread is an energy-efficient wireless radio protocol for the smart home that allows devices to 'communicate' directly with each other. Thread eliminates the need for each individual device to have a single hub access point. Thread shares the responsibility, so you don't have to deal with other parties' hubs anymore. Thread will undoubtedly become the new standard in home networking and that means that Smartblinds' smart window decoration is future-proof. Moreover, Smartblinds will also be ready for 'Matter' in the future!

Collaboration with other smart devices

Smartblinds work seamlessly and safely with other smart home accessories, such as smart lighting, thermostats, motion detectors and other smart devices. Once connected, our smart window blinds become an instant part of your smart home ecosystem.

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