How our smart window coverings work

Curious about how exactly Smartblinds work? We will explain it to you as briefly and clearly as possible in the steps below. Would you rather see the video in which one of our employees tells you exactly what Smartblinds are and how they work? Then scroll down!

What are Smartblinds?

Smartblinds are smart window coverings that are fully custom-made. Smart window blinds are window coverings that you can control in a smart way. This includes smart control via a smart home app such as the Apple HomeKit app. It is also possible to control your smart window coverings with voice commands, or by adding automations via your app. Window coverings from Smartblinds work through a wireless built-in motor, hence the name electric or automatic window coverings. The motor has a rechargeable battery that makes it no need to be powered by mains electricity. You only need to charge the motor once or twice a year with the included USB-C cable.

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How do Smartblinds work?

Smart window blinds offer an awful lot of possibilities. Manual operation is a thing of the past with smart window blinds. From now on, you simply control your smart window blinds via your smartphone or even with your voice. But that's not all. In fact, you can also make smart window decoration function automatically. For instance, you can control that your smart pleated blinds always open or close at a certain time. You can also use events to trigger the action. Sunset, for example, is also a great time to automatically close your pleated blinds. Each type of window decoration has its own advantages These can be found on the category pages of the types of window coverings.

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How to connect Smartblinds to your smartphone

To link your Smartblinds to your mobile phone, you will need to scan the QR code hanging from the tassel (bottom piece of your cord) of your Smartblind. Through Apple's home app, you can scan this QR code right away and follow the steps. Do you have Google HOme or Amazon Alexa? Then you will need to connect via the MotionBlinds Wi-Fi Bridge. As this pairing process is a bit more complicated, we'll take you through this step by step. You can find these on our compatibility page.

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What are the possibilities?

As you can read, there are several ways to control your Smartblinds. It is also possible to link your Smartblinds to other devices and create smart scenes with these devices. Want to know more about the standard controls? Then read more about the control options? Want to know how to create smart scenes and save energy that way? Then check out our energy-saving smart home scenes.

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Order free fabric samples

At Smartblinds, you will find window coverings in all shapes, sizes and colours. There is always a curtain that suits you perfectly. Whether it is a smart blind, day and night blind, honeycomb blind or a curtain track for your current curtain, in all cases you will enjoy comfort and optimal ease of use. Unsure about your choice? Then you can request free samples. You will receive the samples within a few days. So you can feel and look at the materials at home before ordering.


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