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Would you like us to help you select, measure, order and/or install window decorations? Plan a free online consultation with one of our advisers and we will gladly help you with a tailored advice on window decoration! During a free digital consultation we will answer all your questions.

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Why help from an expert?

While looking for new window blinds, you soon discover that there are very many options. Will you choose roller blinds, day and night blinds or other blinds? Do you go for a fully blackout fabric, or do you prefer a subtle light transmission? How do I find the right dimensions of my Smartblinds? To find answers to questions like these, it is nice to get help from a specialist. That's why we are happy to provide appropriate window decoration advice to make the search for new window coverings as simple as possible.


FAQ's about our free consultancy service

What can I expect during the video call?

During the online video call, one of our advisers will try to provide you with appropriate, tailor-made window decoration advice. We will answer all your questions and, in exceptional situations, we will agree on a personal price.

Is the consultancy really free?

Have no fear. There are no snags. An online consultation with us is really completely free. From scheduling the appointment to receiving tailor-made advice, you pay nothing.

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