Electric roller blinds

Looking for electric roller blinds? Browse our wide collection of roller blinds and upgrade your home with Smartblinds. With our electrically operated roller blinds, you provide yourself with great convenience, safety and durability. View our range of electric roller blinds below and order your Smartblinds made-to-measure today!

Wireless roller blind with electric motor

Smartblinds electric roller blinds are equipped with the latest technology and at the same time are very easy to install and use. Your roller blind with motor is easy to install and operate via your smartphone. For Apple HomeKit users there is no need for a bridge or gateway, as our blinds connect automatically via Bluetooth. Scan the HomeKit Setup Code of your blind via the Apple HomeKit App and the connection with your electric blind is automatically and safely made. In just a few seconds, your electric blinds are ready for use and you can enjoy the benefits of Smartblinds. Do you prefer using another smart home platform, such as Google Assistant or Alexa?

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Smart home control functions

Smartblinds electric roller blinds are compatible with the most well-known smart home platforms. And that offers plenty of possibilities. Via the smart home app, you control each electric roller blind individually, per living room or even in your entire house at once. Via the smart home app on your phone, you operate your Smartblinds wherever and whenever you want with a simple sweep of your finger. Your favourite positions of your blinds can be stored in the app. By adding your favourite positions to your scenes, you automate your household processes. The scenes are easy to execute by pressing your phone or a voice command. Would you like to be able to open and close your Smartblinds manually? No problem! Smartblinds electric blinds have a pull cord in addition to all the smart home controls. Very handy for your babysitter or cleaning helper, for example.

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Electric roller blinds safely integrated into every smart home

All our blinds work safely and seamlessly with all other HomeKit-certified smart home products. For example, link your smart lights, thermostat, motion detectors or smart plugs with your new electric blinds and make your Smartblinds part of your smart home. Smartblinds not only provide privacy in your home, but also ensure that your data is safe. Our blinds do not store data in the Cloud, but in the motor itself. This way, your data stays where it belongs: in your home!

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Electric roller blinds make life a little easier. With smart timers and scenes, you don't have to worry about your window decoration anymore, so you can focus on what's really important: you. Smartblinds is there for everyone. Are you a bit older, do you have trouble walking or do you have trouble reaching your chain operated roller blind? Then the electric roller blinds of Smartblinds are the perfect solution for you. With just one voice command or finger swipe on your smartphone, you set your electrically operated blinds in motion, so you don't have to get moving! Are you moving, or do you want to give your current house and interior an upgrade? Then Smartblinds is also the best choice for you!

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The benefits of electric roller blinds

With Smartblinds electric roller blinds, you enjoy optimal comfort and ease of use. With the help of smart home, you can turn our electric blinds into automatic blinds that provide your home with the perfect privacy, temperature, darkness and daylight. Smartblinds electric blinds are top quality and bring many benefits to your home:

  • Comfort

  • Privacy

  • Safety

  • Sustainable

voordelen elektrische rolgordijnen

Smartblinds electric roller blinds made to measure

With Smartblinds, you get quality and customised solutions. Via our website, you can easily put together your customised electric roller blinds. Thanks to the timeless designs of our fabrics and systems, you can be sure that your smart roller blinds will last for years in your interior. In addition to our electric roller blinds (e.g. our electric blackout roller blinds), we also have electric day and night blinds in our collection.


What is an electric roller blind?

An electric roller blind is powered by an electric motor. By connecting the smart motor to your smart home, you can control the electric roller blind from a distance via your phone. This allows the blind to move up and down without you having to touch it.

How do I measure my windows for an electric roller blind?

Door simpelweg de breedte en hoogte van het venster van je raam op te meten, kom je bij de juiste afmetingen voor jouw elektrische rolgordijnen. Smartblinds has simple measuring instructions for this. Once you have measured your window, you can easily assemble your blinds on our website.

How do I install my electric roller blind(s)?

Smartblinds blinds contain a wireless battery. This means that your electric roller blinds do not need a power supply. This makes the installation of your blind a lot easier. For the installation we have a simple instruction. It also tells you how to add your blind to your smart home. It only takes a minute to change your blinds into automatic ones.

How long can I use a full battery?

The motors of Smartblinds smart blinds contain a long-life battery. With normal use, you will only need to charge your battery once or twice a year. You can charge your Smartblinds with a USB-C cable. The battery will be fully charged after 8 hours.

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