Easy to operate

Smartblinds can be controlled in different ways. Do you prefer to speak to Siri? You can! Want to use your smartphone to lower your Smartblinds? That's possible too! Below, we explain the different control options.

Smart control
By connecting your Smartblinds to a smart home platform such as Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, you unlock various smart control options, such as app and voice control. Through the smart home platform's home app, you control your Smartblinds window coverings from anywhere in the world and easily use automatic scenes and timers (Note, you do need a smart hub with Apple for this). Moreover, voice control and interaction with other smart devices is possible. This allows you to make different smart devices from different manufacturers work together in harmony.
Smart control Smart control
App control
Via the Eve app, you control all Smartblinds products. Download the app, connect your Smartblinds and you are immediately ready to control your window decoration. Click on one of your Smartblinds and swipe your finger to a specific hanging percentage. Via the EVE app, it is also possible to set timers. Do you have an Apple device? Then you can connect your Smartblinds directly to your smartphone via the home app. Would you like to set your Smartblinds via the EVE app and then control them via the home app, that too is possible! Follow the steps in the EVE app and then open the home app, you will see your Smartblinds appear immediately!
app control app control
Voice control
Through your smart assistant, you control the smart devices in your home with voice commands. For example, you can use a voice command to raise or lower your Smartblinds. In addition, you can make your Smartblinds part of smart scenes, allowing you, for example, to use the voice command "Hey Siri, good morning" to turn on the lights in your home, heat up the coffee maker and raise your blinds automatically. Do you have an Apple device? Then you need a smart hub like our Apple HomePod Mini to use Siri.
voice control voice control
Finally, Smartblinds also feature a pull function, allowing manual pull operation. Installation, programming and operation have never been easier. A short tug on the cord moves the window coverings as one. That means a smartphone is not necessarily required to operate your window blinds. Extremely handy for the cleaning helper, babysitter or other non-homebody.
pull cord pull cord

Compatible with the best-known smart home platforms

Smartblinds can be controlled via various smart home platforms, including Apple, Google, Alexa and more. For all smart home platforms, excluding Apple, you need the MotionBlinds Wi-Fi Bridge to control your Smartblinds. Want to know how the MotionBlinds Wi-Fi Bridge works? Then take a look at the instructional video.

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