Smartblinds and Matter

Over the past few years, we have been working hard to launch a new, groundbreaking smart home protocol: Matter. This new smart home protocol is the latest standard within the smart home world and comes from a partnership of the greats such as Apple, Google, Samsung, Amazon and many other big tech companies. You can read about what Matter is and what it means for Smartblinds here.

What is Matter?
Matter is the latest smart home connection protocol, providing the connecting factor between devices that previously never wanted to work together. So whereas you couldn't normally pair your Apple speaker with your Google Home, Matter now makes this possible. Matter increases compatibility between platforms and ensures that when choosing smart home devices, you no longer have to check whether the device is connectable to the smart home platform you are using. If there is a Matter logo on the packaging of the device, you connect that device to any smart home platform available.
Matter Matter
Eve Motionblinds Matter Motors
Smartblinds has access to the latest Eve Motionblinds motors, which also have access to the new Matter protocol. As a result, it no longer matters whether you want to connect Smartblinds to Google, Amazon, Apple or Samsung. Via the Matter QR code on the cord of your Smartblinds, you connect directly to all these platforms, without the intervention of a bridge. Have you bought a Smartblinds with Eve Motionblinds motor in the past, but it does not yet have Matter? Then you can upgrade it to the Matter protocol.
Matter motor Matter motor
Thread and Matter
Smartblinds also feature the Thread protocol in addition to the new Matter protocol. Thread is a communication protocol that allows your smart home devices to communicate with each other better, faster and smoother. Smart home devices with thread are connected by the Thread protocol in addition to Wi-Fi, which means that communication between devices does not take place over Wi-Fi, but directly through the devices. This makes communication between your devices even faster.

So when choosing your smart home devices, make sure you pay attention to the Matter logo and Thread icon on the packaging. With these 2 protocols on your smart home devices, you are guaranteed the optimal smart home experience!
Thread Thread
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