Thermal honeycomb blinds

Every household is currently suffering from extremely high energy prices. Therefore, more and more consumers are looking for energy-saving options to apply in their daily lives. Many smart home devices can help keep energy bills low. Think for example of a smart radiator, lighting and window blinds. Smartblinds has a new product to save energy throughout the year. These are the thermal honeycomb blinds. But how do thermal honeycomb blinds help you with lower energy bills? We'll explain that to you!

Do thermal honeycomb blinds work insulating?

Thermal honeycomb blinds have the highest insulation value of all window coverings. This is because they consist of 2 different fabric strips, with a special aluminium insulating coating in the middle. Together, these 2 fabric strips create a honeycomb pattern. Air collects in this hexagonal honeycomb. The air in these cells prevents warm air from being lost from your home through the windows. This way, it stays warmer in your home and you don't have to heat as much because of your thermal honeycomb blinds. This in turn results in lower gas usage and energy bills. Thermal honeycomb blinds can also lower your energy bill in summer. For this, we reverse the system used in the winter. Because the insulating pleated blinds repel warm air from outside and sunlight, the temperature in the house stays nice and cool. As a result, you hardly need to turn on your air conditioning, which in turn saves you energy.

thermal honeycomb blinds
Using thermal honeycomb blinds even smarter

The big plus of Smartblinds' thermal honeycomb blinds is not only that they are insulating, but also the smart controls. In fact, Smartblinds makes it possible to control your insulated window blinds via your phone or by voice in addition to manual operation! This makes it even easier to save energy! Smart control allows you to be even smarter with your honeycomb thermal blinds. We give you 3 tips on how to smartly save energy with insulating curtains.

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1. Keep your blinds shut at night

At night, the temperature is lowest. Make sure that when it cools down in the evening, your honeycomb blinds close automatically. This will reduce heat loss through your windows!

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2. Combine your blinds with curtains

By pairing your smart thermal honeycomb blind with a smart curtain tracks for your normal curtains, you create an extra layer of insulation. Doing this, you will save even more energy!

3. Choose tailor-made blinds

Even the smallest gap between your window coverings can cause heat- and energy loss. Our pleated blinds are made to measure perfectly, keeping your gaps to a minimum.

Start now with thermal honeycomb blinds

Now is the time to fit your home with thermal honeycomb blinds or other insulating window coverings. At first, it will probably feel like a big investment, but in the long run, you will see that this investment will eventually make you money. Besides its insulating function, Smartblinds window coverings offer ultimate living comfort, a unique and timeless look and convenience like you've never experienced before. Find out how to add your Smartblinds to your the rest of your smart home and save even more energy by adding your Smartblinds to your smart home scenes!

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