4 benefits of smart window coverings

Are you still in doubt as to what type of window covering you would like in your home? We totally understand that. Of course, there is a wide range of window coverings and making the right choice can be a very difficult task. Smartblinds has 4 types of window coverings. For each type of window covering, we explain the various benefits.

Smart roller blinds
Roller blinds radiate simplicity and class at the same time. The benefit of smart roller blinds is that they are very easy to assemble, install and operate. Smartblinds of Smartblinds have a modern but timeless look, which makes them suitable for almost every interior. With the wide choice of colours, there is always a fabric that matches your home. Our Smartblinds are available in 3 types of transparencies. You can choose from translucent, transparent or completely black-out roller blinds. Per room in your house it can of course differ which transparency is most ideal. For example, use a blackout blind in the bedroom to aid your sleep and use translucent blinds for rooms such as the living room and kitchen.

smart roller blinds
Smart day and night blinds
Besides plain roller blinds, Smartblinds also has a collection of smart day and night blinds. In terms of operation, mounting and installation, these are similar to our regular smart roller blinds, but the fabric and the look of the duo blinds are very different. The fabric has two strips, which can be moved one after the other. One fabric track is blackout, the other track is made of a transparent fabric, which lets a lot of light through. The operation is the same as with an ordinary smart roller blind. Only with the day and night blinds you will have to be just a little more careful, because it are two fabric tracks that can hang in different ways. The biggest advantage is that you can easily regulate your light and privacy. Do you want more light in your room? Hang the translucent strips at the same height. Do you want more privacy? Hang the blackout strips opposite the translucent ones!

smart day and night blinds
Smart Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds in the home are very stylish and attractive. Venetian blinds are slightly more difficult to install than normal (duo) roller blinds, but it is certainly not difficult. The nice thing about venetian blinds is that you can easily adjust the privacy and incidence of light yourself. Do you want to be out of sight, but still have plenty of light? Then tilt the blinds a little so that no one can see in from outside, but you can still receive light into your home. We have several colours of venetian blinds in our range, so there is something for every interior!

smart venetian blinds
Smart honeycomb blinds
Together with the smart venetian blinds, the smart honeycomb blinds are our latest addition to our product range. honeycomb blinds are versatile and have several benefits. honeycomb blinds fit in every interior, as long as you choose the right colour. Besides that you can easily determine your light and privacy with a top down bottom up system. The last big benefit is that honeycomb blinds have an insulating effect that keeps the heat out in summer and in during the winter! Just like our solar reflective roller blinds!

smart pleated blinds