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At Smartblinds, we believe in the lasting power of good design. No fuss, but beautiful, responsible products that do what they have to do and have a timeless appearance. Because of the positive effect they have on how you feel, you want to keep them longer, cherish them and enjoy them again and again. This gives them a sustainable quality that is not only good for people, but also for the environment. Our range stands for timeless design, convenience, individuality, connectivity, quality and sustainability. With products of different styles, functionality and price levels, the range offers the ideal choice for both the functional buyer and the true design enthusiast. This makes the range of Smartblinds smart in every way.

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Roller blinds

At Smartblinds, we have a wide range of smart blinds. Because of our different colours and fabrics, our Smartblinds fit perfectly in every interior. Besides choosing a fabric type and colour, you can also choose between different systems and their colours. Assemble your Smartblinds completely according to your wishes and let them perfectly fit into your interior!

Day and night blinds

Our duo blinds are a real eye-catcher in the interior. Because of the two fabric tracks, you have the possibility to regulate the amount of light and privacy as you wish. Compose your smart duo blinds fully tailored and according to your preference.

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Translucent fabric

We have three fabric types in our range, including our transparent fabric collection. The transparent fabric is translucent, providing your home with pleasant light. Our transparent fabrics provide minimal privacy, this is because the fabric is very translucent. The fabric is ideal when you want to receive a lot of light in your home.

Light filtering fabric

The translucent fabrics provide your home with fine light. In addition, the translucent fabric also provides sufficient privacy in your home. Would you like a fabric that provides your home with sufficient daylight and privacy? Then choose our translucent fabric collection.

Blackout fabric

The blackout fabrics provide complete blackout. In addition, they also provide privacy in the home. Through the complete reflection of heat and light, the blackout fabric also provides coolness in the home. Hang a Smartblind with blackout fabric in your bedroom, for example!

Cassette systems

At Smartblinds, we have two systems to choose from when putting together your Smartblinds. The cassette system is a system where there is a cover over the roller blind's roll. This ensures optimal protection of your roller blind fabric when it is hanging inside. In addition, a cassette system is easy to install. Smartblinds with a cassette system look clean in your interior. We offer the cassette system in two sizes and four colours. Put together your Smartblinds and indicate your preferences.


Brackets are the most popular option when it comes to roller blind systems. Brackets look subtle and are easy to mount. At Smartblinds, you can choose between two types of brackets, large or small. In addition, you can specify the colour of the brackets. This way, you can fit your Smartblinds perfectly into your interior!

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