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At Smartblinds, we believe in the enduring power of good design. No fuss, but beautiful, responsible products that do what they are supposed to do and have a timeless appeal. The positive effect they have on how you feel makes you want to keep them longer, cherish them and enjoy them again and again. In doing so, they have a sustainable quality that is not only good for people, but also for the environment. Our range stands for timeless design, convenience, individuality, connectivity, quality and durability. With products of different styles, functionality and price levels, the range offers the ideal choice for both the functional buyer and the true design enthusiast. This makes Smartblinds' offering smart in every way. If you want to know more about our fabrics, systems and products, read on quickly!

Our motors

Almost all Smartblinds products can be put together with different motors. The motor choice you make depends on a number of factors. If you like easy electric control, which allows you to operate your Smartblinds at the push of a button, then the cheaper MotionBlinds motor is ideal for you. But are you a big smart home fan, and want to link your Smartblinds to the rest of your smart home and set up scenes and automations? Then the Eve MotionBlinds motor is the best option for your Smartblinds. When configuring your Smartblinds, choose which type of control you want and read more about our motors via the articles below!

A motor with wireless battery
All our products feature a wireless motor fitted with a rechargeable battery. The motor and battery are hidden in the tube or body of your Smartblind, so you cannot even see that it is an electric product.

A battery does not last forever, so it is therefore necessary to recharge your motor a few times a year (2-4 times) depending on the product and use. This can be done using a USB-C cable, which is free included when you order your Smartblinds. Within 8 hours, your Smartblinds are fully charged again and can last a long time!
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