Window coverings It is therefore very important that your sunshade matches your living style and has the right properties for the room in which you will be placing it. For example, the sunshade in the bedroom must provide sufficient blackout, in the kitchen or bathroom it is practical if the blind is moisture resistant, and the blinds in the living room must not only provide atmosphere and beautiful light, but also the desired privacy. Luckily, there's a lot of choice in window coverings and we want to help you find the right Smartblinds for any room, home style or window type. Find ideas, inspiration and tips on window coverings at Smartblinds. Get inspired and find the window blinds that suit your interior!

Clean your window blinds regularly

To enjoy your window coverings for as long as possible, it is important to clean your window coverings regularly. With the cleaning tips from Smartblinds, you'll know how to maintain any kind of window covering!


Beautify your living environment with window coverings

Upgrading your interior is easier than you think. Replacing the window blinds in a room can quickly give it a whole new look and feel. By simply replacing your existing blinds, shades or curtains, you can easily create the feeling of a new interior. And what's more fun than improving your interior every now and then? Do you want to do everything right and bring your interior to life? Then updating your window blinds with Smartblinds is a great way to create not only a new look and feel, but also a whole new experience in your home. Take a look at our roller blinds, and be inspired by a new way of smart living.

Get ideas and inspiration for blinds

Choosing blinds is not an easy task. For example, choose white roller blinds or black roller blinds or another beautiful colour shade. A good way to get inspiration and ideas for your sun shades is to look around at others. It is therefore advisable to look around when you are at home with friends or family. Luckily, these days there are also many ways to look around other people's homes and get inspiration via your smartphone. Pinterest, for example, is a very popular platform for finding ideas for your interior design. At Smartblinds, we try to fill our own channels with interior and window covering inspiration on a daily basis. On our website and on our social media profiles you will find tips, ideas and inspiration for Smartblinds.

The transition to Smart Home

Much has happened in the field of housing in recent decades. For example, important developments have taken place in the field of the smart home. The automation of processes in the home offers many advantages, such as improving sustainability. In the world of window coverings, electric blinds have become popular. Integrate this type of smart blinds in your Smart Home? Then a world of possibilities opens up to you and you bring your interior to life. Discover all the benefits at Smartblinds.

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