Double Honeycomb Blinds: Stylish, Functional and Energy-saving

Pleated blinds come in many different types. For example, you have pleated blinds with a single fabric track, or just a double fabric track. Different types of operation options such as Top Down operation or Top Down Bottom Up. There are several choices, but which is the best option? Smartblinds has weighed all these options against each other to develop the best electric pleated blind: The double honeycomb blind with a smart motor.

Wat is a double honeycomb blind?

A double honeycomb blind features 2 zig-zag fabric strips. These fabrics are woven together, creating air cavities between the 2 fabrics. These air cavities are shaped like a honeycomb. For this reason, double pleated blinds are also often called double honeycomb blinds.

In the air cavities, air logically collects. This air forms a kind of additional barrier between the air in your home and the cold or warm air trying to enter through your window. This barrier in your double honeycomb blinds allows you to better regulate your climate in your home. The bottom line is that double honeycomb blinds contribute to the isolation of your home.

Double honeycomb blind
Translucent or blackout: anything is possible!

Our double honeycomb blinds are available in several types. First, all of our forms of smart window coverings are fully customizable and can be put together to your liking. Size, color, fabric type, operation and the option to install on the window or in the window are examples of the endless possibilities you have when putting together your smart window decoration. Our window decoration fabrics have different transparencies. So do the fabrics of our double honeycomb blinds. This form of window decoration is available in 2 types:

double honeycomb
light filtering honeycomb blinds

Double honeycomb blind light filtering

A light filtering double honeycomb blind is made of fabric that you cannot see through. This fabric does let light through, so that you can still enjoy natural light in your home with closed roller blinds. This double honeycomb blind is very suitable for rooms like the living room and kitchen, where you like to let in a lot of natural light.

plissegordijn dubbel verduisterend

Double honeycomb blind blackout

A blackout double honeycomb blind is made to darken. This means that no light comes through these blinds. These honeycomb blinds are very suitable for use in rooms like the bedroom. The complete blackout ensures that you can sleep well and enjoy good privacy.

Double honeycomb blind with aluminum coating

All our blackout honeycomb blinds have an extra. Namely, they feature a special aluminum coating on the inside of the honeycomb. This internal aluminum coating ensures that your home is darkened even better, because any light passing through is reflected. In addition, the aluminum coating has an insulating effect, allowing you to better regulate your living environment. The coating cannot be seen from the outside of the blind, so you do not compromise on the style and appearance of your window blind.

Double honeycomb blind with aluminum coating
Different operating options: Top Down & Top Down Bottom Up

Double honeycomb blinds are unique compared to other types of window decoration. Besides "normal" Top Down operation, where you can lower your blind from top to bottom just like a roller blind, you also have another option: Top Down Bottom Up. A Top Down Bottom Up honeycomb blind is equipped with 2 motors. 1 motor in the top and 1 motor in the bottom of your blind. Because both motors can raise and lower, it becomes possible to open both the top and bottom. In this way you can let light through at the top and bottom. This opens up the possibilities.

double honeycomb blind

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