Everything about honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb blinds are incredibly versatile and fit almost anywhere in your home. Smartblinds honeycomb blinds can be made to measure in different types, sizes and transparencies. On this page, we will tell you all about honeycomb blinds. We will show you all the possibilities, tell you what to look for when buying a honeycomb blind and make sure you get the right blind for your home!


What types of honeycomb blinds are there?

Which fabrics can you choose from?

What colours of honeycomb blinds are there?

Top Down or Top Down Bottom Up?

The size of the cell

How do you charge the honeycomb blind?

How to measure your honeycomb blind?

How do you install the honeycomb blind?

What types of honeycomb blinds are there?

light filtering honeycomb blinds

Light filtering honeycomb blinds

Light filtering honeycomb blinds, as they say, let in a lot of natural light and are made of polyester. The back of the honeycomb blind, which is what you see when you try to look in through the window, is always white. White, unlike black, reflects a lot of light and heat, giving you a kind of heat-reflective effect. That's why light filtering honeycomb blinds are also called 'thermal honeycomb blinds'. A light filtering honeycomb blind is the ideal combination between an attractive curtain that lets enough light through, but still has the energy-saving benefits of a honeycomb blind.

Blackout honeycomb blinds

Blackout honeycomb blinds

Blackout honeycomb blinds are special. In fact, they are the most insulating curtains available. From the outside, the honeycomb blind looks the same as a 'normal' blind. Where a blackout honeycomb blind makes its difference is the inside of the honeycomb cell. On the inside of a blackout honeycomb blind is an aluminium coating. This coating ensures that air is trapped inside the honeycomb cell, minimising the movement of air from outside and air from inside through the window. This is an insulating effect, which is also the reason why these blinds are also called 'insulating honeycomb blinds'.

What fabrics can you choose from?
Smartblinds' electric honeycomb blinds are currently available in 1 fabric. This is the Spare collection. The name Spare stands for the energy-saving features the honeycomb blind has. The fabric itself is made of polyester. As it were, honeycomb blinds are 2 zigzagging fabric strips that are attached together in the middle, creating a hexagonal space in the middle: the honeycomb cell. There are also honeycomb blinds with a single fabric strip. At Smartblinds, we stand for quality and functionality. That is why we only have double honeycomb blinds in our range. To see the fabrics for yourself, you can have them delivered to your home free of charge. Via our free colour samples service, you can select the fabrics and colours you like and have them delivered to your home for free. This way, you can feel the fabrics at home and make the right choice.
honeycomb samples honeycomb samples
Top Down, or Top Down Bottom Up?
A honeycomb blind comes in 2 different options. When putting together your honeycomb blinds, you can choose from 2 types of operation. The basic control is the 'Top Down' control. This allows you to install your blind at the top of your window and lower and raise it just like a roller blind. This is super easy and satisfies many people's needs for a blind.

Top Down Bottom Up is a new form of operation that is unique to honeycomb blinds. With this control, you can not only lower the bottom of your blind, but you can also control the top! This way, you can let light through both at the top and bottom of your curtain, which can create fun light effects and a pleasant atmosphere. You see this form of operation common in living rooms.
TDBU blinds TDBU blinds
The size of your honeycomb cell
Smartblinds' honeycomb blinds can be ordered in 2 different variations. The variation is in the size of the honeycomb cell. First, you have the classic plissé, which has a honeycomb with a diameter of 25 millimetres. These are small, stylish cells that you see in most homes. At Smartblinds, you also have the option of opting for the 45-millimetre cell. These cells are significantly larger and also create a completely different effect with the relief of the curtain. To assess which variation best suits your window and interior, we recommend you order your colour samples in the 2 variations so you can compare well.
honeycomb cell honeycomb cell
How do you charge a honeycomb blind from Smartblinds?
Charging your motorised honeycomb blinds is child's play. With the included USB-C cable, you will have your pleated blind fully charged within 8 hours, and your pleated blind will again be ready to provide you with all its electrical and smart home conveniences for a long time to come. As mentioned, you can charge your pleated motor with a USB-C cable, which is included free with your order. The motor's charging port is located on the side you choose.
blind motor blind motor
Measure your blinds independently in your window
You can measure your honeycomb blinds all by yourself. No need for professionals! With the handy instructions we provide with your colour samples, you can become a professional yourself. You can also view the fitting instructions via the button below.
measure honeycomb blinds

How do you install the honeycomb blinds?

Installation video

You can also very easily install your Smartblinds honeycomb blind yourself. Again, this saves costs and time from professionals. With the installation instructions included with your order and the video above, we will help you install your Smartblinds step by step, making you the professional yourself!

Installation instructions

Besides the video, there are also handy installation instructions to help you install your honeycomb blinds step-by-step. The installation is different depending on the operating mode of your honeycomb blind. That's why there are 2 different manuals. One for Top Down blinds, the other for Top Down Bottom Up blinds. You can view the instructions via the links below.

Choose smart, choose Smartblinds

Fully customise your favourite smart honeycomb blinds according to your personal wishes and needs. In no time, you will enjoy a customised, stylish and smart pleated blind that perfectly fits your window. Choose the combination of style, comfort and luxury, combined with smart and electric operating advantages. Choose smart, choose Smartblinds.

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