Heat reflective honeycomb blinds

It's getting warmer and warmer on Earth. The average temperature is rising and we are experiencing increasingly extreme temperatures. In winter it can still be nasty cold, while in summer new heat records are set every year. In 2022, Western Europe experienced the third warmest summer since 1901. Cooling and shelter are very important in such hot temperatures. With heat reflective honeycomb blinds, you can turn your home into a place where you can seek cooling.

What is a heat reflective honeycomb blind?

Heat reflective honeycomb blinds, as the name implies, block heat. You may be familiar with the normal "single" pleated blind. This is a pleated blind made of a fabric that folds apart zigzagging to cover your window. Heat-resistant pleated blinds are slightly different. They are made of a double fabric strip. These fabric strips together form a honeycomb pattern. For this reason, these types of pleated blinds are also called honeycomb blinds.

Heat reflective blinds

How do heat reflective honeycomb blinds work?

Air collects in the cells of the honeycomb of your heat reflective honeycomb blinds. The air in these cells forms a barrier between the air from outside and the air present in the house. This additional barrier makes it more difficult for air from outside to enter the home in the summer. This results in a more pleasant climate in the summer, making your home a place to enjoy a cool environment in hot days. In winter, this principle works the other way around. You then want to keep as much warm air in your home as possible and prevent this heat air from being lost through the windows. Also in winter, your heat reflecting blinds ensure that the air from outside does not simply enter your home, and vice versa. This in turn results in less heating costs in the winter, because you can keep the warm air inside with your heat reflective blinds!

heat reflective honeycomb blinds

Heat reflective coating

The blackout honeycomb blinds from Smartblinds have a special aluminum coating on the inside of the honeycomb cells. This aluminum coating has an insulating function, so to speak, so your heat resistant pleated blind acts as insulation for your window, an insulating honeycomb blind! This type of pleated blind is the most energy and cost-saving window decoration available. So in addition to being a stylish solution for your windows, consider it an investment in the sustainability of your home!

honeycomb blind heat reflecting

Customized, for optimal energy savings

To take full advantage of your energy-saving and heat-resistant pleated blinds, it is of course important that your window decoration fits perfectly. That's why at Smartblinds we offer the possibility to customize your window covering. For example, you can specify the dimensions of your pleated blind down to the millimeter, ensuring that your curtain will fit perfectly in or on your window. You also have the possibility to choose between 2 different sizes of the cells of your pleated blind and there is the choice between both Top Down operation and Top Down Bottom Up. Curious about our fabrics and their colours? Then request free colour samples and experience the fabrics in your home!

heat reflective blind customized
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