Smart honeycomb blinds

Choose comfortable, safe and sustainable living with Smartblinds smart honeycomb blinds. Browse our range and put together your own smart honeycomb blinds entirely as you wish. Want to see our pleated fabrics at home in real life? Then request free colour samples!

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Electric honeycomb blinds

How can you live so comfortably, safely and sustainably? By choosing smart honeycomb blinds from Smartblinds. The honeycomb fabric combined with the automated control will always provide the right amount of light, blackout and temperature in your home. Installation is very simple, you always have plenty of choice in design and we always offer customization. Count on top quality electrical honeycomb blinds that you will enjoy for years to come.


  • Electric honeycomb blinds block out the sun and offer you more privacy;

  • Easily adjust the position to suit your needs and you'll get the light and warmth you want;

  • You can control our smart honeycomb blinds with your smartphone or voice;

  • Only seconds of installation time and you're done.


  • They make life easier for you
    Because you can control our electric honeycomb blinds automatically with your app or with voice controls, you make it really easy for yourself. Save yourself 30 minutes a day by choosing this smart window coverings.
  • They make sure that burglars don't just choose your house
    Even if you are not at home, you can also control our smart honeycomb blinds remotely through your app or program them at a specific time. This deters burglars. They are much more likely to skip your home because they see movement in the house. Extra safe!
  • No cord, so no danger
    Children can become entangled in a cord that controls the curtains. Smartblinds don't need a cord, so they are safe for children.
  • Save yourself energy costs
    Also, be smarter about the heat that the sun provides for free and save energy to heat your home. All because of smartblinds.


Effortlessly and safely, our smart honeycomb blinds work together with your other certified HomeKit accessories. Think for example of your lighting, motion detectors or thermostat. Before you know it, your Smartblinds will be an integral part of your smart home ecosystem.

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