Window coverings for large windows

Finding window blinds for large windows can be tricky. When ordering window decorations, you often have to deal with restrictions such as minimum and maximum height, or the width of your window acting as a hurdle. If you have large windows and are looking for suitable window blinds for large windows, then Smartblinds is the right place for you. Smartblinds' offer consists of various types of window coverings, all of which can be put together in large sizes, allowing you to provide your large windows with beautiful and above all smart window blinds. Let us take you through the range.

Benefits of large windows
Large windows have advantages and disadvantages. Because you have large windows, you can enjoy a wide view. This creates a good feeling with which you can include the outdoor environment in your interior. In addition, an awful lot of natural daylight enters through large windows. This can light up your room and give it a new dimension.
window blinds large windows window blinds large windows
Disadvantages of large windows
One disadvantage of large windows is that it becomes more difficult to maintain your privacy. Smartblinds' smart window decoration for large windows ensures that strangers cannot just look in. You also keep burglars out. With the handy app, you can make your smart blinds move even when you're not at home, creating the idea that someone is always at home which deters burglars. There are also some drawbacks to the surface of a large window. For example, too much light and heat can create a sauna effect in summer and a lot of heat loss in winter. With heat reflective blinds you can minimise these effects.
Window blinds big window Window blinds big window
Roller blinds for large windows
Roller blinds serve as very suitable window coverings for large windows. With large windows such as, for example, the sliding doors, it is convenient if your window coverings are also very functional so that you can still open or close your windows. Smart roller blinds from Smartblinds are very suitable. With 1 swipe on your phone you set your large roller blinds in motion, making endless pulling of roller blind cords a thing of the past. Smartblinds' day and night blinds are also very suitable for large windows. With these zebra blinds you can also have fun dealing with natural light.
roller blind large window roller blinds large window
Day and night blinds for large windows
A day and night blind is the perfect way to go if you can't decide wether you want full privacy or lots of light in the house from your large windows. The zebra fabric, existing out of transparent and blackout fabric strips give you the opportunity to switch between a fully covered window to a semi-open window within seconds!
zebra blind large window zebra blind large window
Honeycomb blinds for large windows
In addition to being a very stylish solution, honeycomb blinds are also super functional and can save you a lot of money! In fact, honeycomb blinds are considered energy-saving window decoration. The air that collects in the cells of your large honeycomb blind acts as an insulating layer for your windows, keeping cool air inside in summer and preventing heat loss through the windows in winter. Especially for large windows, where the risk of heat loss is very high, large honeycomb blinds with insulating functions are the perfect solution.
honeycomb blind large window honeycomb blind large window
Electric curtain tracks for large windows
Would you prefer curtains for your large windows? Then Smartblinds has another option, with which you can still add your curtains to your smart home. With Smartblinds' smart curtain track, you can control curtains up to 580cm wide completely smart. Add the electric curtain track to your smart home, and control your large curtains with your smartphone, instead of dragging your curtains yourself. With a maximum length of 580 centimetres, you can fit entire window sections with 1 curtain track. In short, the ideal window covering for large windows!
curtain track large window curtain track large window
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