Window covering sliding doors

If you are looking for window coverings for your sliding door, then you have come to the right place at Smartblinds! Our smart blinds and day and night blinds are made to measure and are very suitable for sliding doors. We will be happy to explain the possibilities and give tips on what to look out for when buying window decoration for a sliding door! Would you like tailor-made advice? Then simply plan a free consultation with our advisor!

Window decoration possibilities for a sliding door

There are several possibilities to fit your sliding door with window decoration. For a very practical solution we recommend looking at our smart roller blinds. The electric roller blinds are ideal for your sliding door as you can raise and lower them automatically based on scenes or timers via your smartphone. For example, you can set your window covering to always go up when the weather is nice outside and you are most likely to want to go inside and outside through your sliding door. Or the other way round, of course. Are your sliding doors at the front of the house where many people walk past and do you want to maintain your privacy? That is possible! We have several fabrics in our range that allow for light incidence, but with which you can still maintain the desired privacy. 

Smartblinds for your sliding door

At Smartblinds, we have two types of window decoration; day and night blinds and regular blinds. Both smart window solutions can be installed in front of a sliding door! The Smartblinds are easily installed in or on the window of the sliding door and can be rolled up completely. This way you get enough light into the house!

Sliding door part of the interior

Window covering sliding doors

A sliding door is often located in the living room and is a large part of the interior. For many, it is important that a sliding door matches the interior of the living room. In addition, sliding doors are often large and allow a lot of light to enter. With our (day and night) blinds you can make your sliding door into one whole with your interior. With our wide range of fabrics and colours there is plenty of choice and there is bound to be something that matches your interior! Besides our wide range of fabrics and colours, the colour of the bottom rail and the system can also be adjusted to one of the four colours: white, grey, anthracite and black. In this way you can put together your window covering for your sliding door and let it merge with your interior.

day and night roller blind or roller blind

Both our smart day and night blinds and our smart roller blinds are available in many different colours and fabrics! Go to the product range to see the range of (day and night) roller blinds that fit your sliding door.
Create light and privacy with the roller blinds on your sliding door. Because our (day and night) roller blinds are available in many different colours and fabrics, you can easily regulate your own light and privacy. Choose for example our translucent fabric on your sliding doors to ensure sufficient light in your home. Would you rather enjoy maximum privacy in your home? Then choose our blackout material for your sliding door. The black-out material ensures that no one can see in and you enjoy privacy. Raise and lower the blinds whenever you like!

Measuring window decoration sliding doors

Measure your sliding door using our measuring video. Watch the video, measure the window of your sliding door and fill in the measurements while composing your ideal product! Can't find the right measurements for your sliding door? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Made to measure window coverings for your sliding door

A sliding door is usually larger than a normal window, but don't worry, we have window decoration for that too! Our window decoration can be ordered from 61.5 centimetres wide and 30 centimetres high. Configure the Smartblinds for your sliding door according to your wishes on our website. Choose, for example, a beige fabric and a black bottom rail! As soon as you have ordered Smartblinds for your sliding door, we start the process. The Smartblinds are made to measure and delivered to your home.

Installing Smartblinds window blinds at a sliding door

Once you have received your Smartblinds, you can easily install them in your sliding door window. Before installing, read the instructions supplied carefully. Once your Smartblinds have been installed, you can easily couple and operate your sliding door window covering using your Smartphone!

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