Comfort living

Home is a place where we can rest after a long day. But how can you get the most comfort out of your home? In this article, you can read the best tips for a comfortable interior per room!

Living room

The living room is the most central place in your home. It is therefore important to properly insulate the room against cold in winter and heat in summer. For example, by using curtains and good insulation.  

Make sure the living room becomes a place to relax. Such a place requires seating that you can hang on to.

A living room lit by daylight is extremely pleasant. If there is a lot of sunshine, it also means that you can heat the room naturally. This, in turn, benefits your energy consumption.

Science has shown that colours have a great influence on people's moods. The best colours to use in the living room are green, blue and white. They have a calming effect and are therefore excellent basic colours. Do you want to use these colours together? Combine them with accents in warm tones such as rusty brown, soft pink and yellow ochre.


The first thing you think of when you think of a bedroom is of course a bed! The mattress of the bed is the important basis. So don't be afraid to invest in it. Soft bedding also ensures good sleeping comfort. In the bedroom, a room that is not too warm is best for a good night's sleep.

Keep the temperature pleasant by opening a window now and then and using a smart thermostat. In addition, plants are also indispensable in the bedroom, because of their purifying effect.

Regulation of the light is also important here. Make sure you have blackout window decorations. This will ensure that you can sleep deeper and longer, which is certainly an advantage if you are a light sleeper. Blackout electric roller blinds make it seem as if it is still night, which increases the chance that your body will not wake up.

Nothing is as annoying as a cold floor under your feet. Therefore, choose carpets throughout the room or a large area rug under the bed. That will make the bedroom more comfortable!


In a humid space like the bathroom, ventilation is very important. The room is susceptible to mould, which can make the living space considerably unhealthier. So open a window after showering or have mechanical ventilation installed.

In many houses, the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms. This can make it hard to store things neatly. If you don't, the room can look very messy. It is therefore advisable to provide your bathroom with sufficient storage space. Do you have too little space to place a cabinet in your bathroom? Then choose a mirror cabinet or a bathroom cabinet with extra drawers. Neat and tidy! (And provides you with comfort).