Start 2022 with smart window coverings

Do you already have good intentions for 2022? We do! Make as many consumers as possible happy with Smartblinds. 2022 is the year of sustainability in the home, think of sustainable furniture, appliances and window decoration. Now that the world is getting smarter all the time, we see an increasing demand for smart window coverings and we have the perfect solution for that: Smartblinds! Would you like to know more about how you can make your home smarter and more sustainable in 2022? Then read on.

A smart home in 2022

In 2022, more and more consumers will buy smart and sustainable devices to make their homes future-proof. It is increasingly important to think about sustainability when buying, renovating or redecorating a home. More and more houses are becoming gasless, solar panels are a must and so on. But do you want to make your house really smart? Then think about Smartblinds! With our smart roller blinds or day and night blinds, you can enjoy ease, comfort and pleasure in your home. With Smartblinds, you create an enormous amount of possibilities. Below, we will explain a number of them to you. And remember, a smart home in 2022 is a home that gives you a lot of pleasure.

Smart window coverings

Smartblinds are smart roller blinds that can be operated wirelessly and electrically from anywhere in the world. Do you have a smartphone? Then you can easily operate your Smartblinds via your smartphone using the home app of your favourite smart home platform. What's more, Smartblinds can be connected to other smart devices so that you can control them all at once! How easy is that!? Smartblinds also provide security in and around the house. Are you on holiday for a week and afraid that unwanted people might try to enter your home? Then set up smart scenes so that your blinds keep moving every day and it seems as if people are at home! Still in doubt? Read on and hopefully we will take away your doubts.

Don't hesitate, install Smartblinds!

Once you have Smartblinds in your home, you won't want to do anything else! The convenience of Smartblinds is unsurpassed. Do you know that feeling of not wanting to get off the couch to close the curtains because the sun is shining on your TV? With Smartblinds, this is no longer an issue! With just a few clicks via your smartphone, you can lower your Smartblinds without having to get up, how ideal is that! You can also link the Smartblinds to a smart weather station; when it is warmer than 18 degrees outside, the Smartblinds will automatically lower. Another reason to install Smartblinds in your home is that you will no longer be bothered by roll-down blinds hanging crookedly, because how irritating is that! Smartblinds hang perfectly aligned next to each other, which means that you will no longer be irritated by blinds hanging crookedly. Do not hesitate any longer and install Smartblinds in your home! In 2022, you will be living your life the best way possible, thanks to enormous convenience, comfort and durability!