Securing your home against burglary with Smartblinds

Perhaps you have experienced it yourself or it has happened to someone in your circle of friends or family. A robbery in your home when you are on holiday or away from home. Thieves are becoming increasingly sneaky when it comes to committing a robbery at the right time. It often takes weeks or months before a thief makes his move. Securing your home is a big job. Especially when you are not at home.


Despite the fact that the number of burglaries decreases every year, there are still 136 burglary attempts per day. So there is a good chance that it is your house's turn. Only 13% of all attempted burglaries take place at night. This means that 87% of all burglaries are committed in broad daylight, when the residents are away from home.

As mentioned, it is very difficult to protect your home against burglaries when you are not there. An expensive camera installation is sometimes not enough to protect your home against burglary. Smartblinds offers the new solution with its electric smart blinds. The blinds have a built-in motor with smart home technology. With this, you can put potential burglars on the wrong track. How? We will explain it to you!

Smart Home

The smart blinds of Smartblinds contain a smart home function that allows you to control your blinds where and when you want. The blinds are easy to add to your home app (Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant etc.). Via the app you can move your blinds with a simple finger sweep, even when you're not at home. This gives burglars the idea that there is always someone at home. This is called presence simulation. By giving burglars the feeling that there is someone in the house, they will refrain from trying to break into your house. So presence simulation is the ideal protection against burglary!


Smartblinds smart blinds also provide wonderful privacy. Smartblinds smart blinds are available in different high quality fabrics and many colours. Each type of fabric prevents outsiders and burglars from peeking into your home. This way burglars don't know what they can get and they will be less inclined to break into your home.

The electric roller blinds of Smartblinds are therefore a stylish way of securing your home against burglary. There are a few other options for securing your windows, but grids or anti-burglary bars will not look as charming as Smartblinds' electric window blinds. Smartblinds' roller blinds are available for every type of window. Whether it's wide, large, high windows or even the windows of a sliding door, Smartblinds offers the solution.

Curious about the possibilities? Have a look at our collection!