The benefits of smart blinds

In the coming years, traditional window coverings will be giving way to smart window coverings. A great development for smart home lovers as this innovative window covering has many advantages and comes with various possibilities. In this blog, we will explain what the advantages of smart window coverings are and why this feature will make your daily life a little easier.

Remote control

Traditional window coverings are always operated by hand. The user is forced to operate the (duo) blinds, Venetian blinds, honeycomb blinds and duettes manually. This not only takes more time, but also involves effort. Sometimes it is incredibly useful if you can control the window decorations in your home remotely. For example, think about controlling them with your voice while you are cooking. If you have your hands full and are not in a position to lower your blinds. At times like that it is very nice if you can change the position of your window decoration with a simple voice command.

Feel safer on vacation with smart blinds

With smart blinds it is possible to remotely operate the window decoration wherever you are. It is also possible to operate them automatically. This way you can easily set your blinds to go down or up automatically at specific times. Very practical and valuable if you go on vacation for a longer period, but do not want to let strangers know. This way people will think that someone is at home and you can enjoy your vacation with a safe feeling.

Adjusting to weather conditions

The name "smart window decoration" actually says it all. These smart home window coverings are smart, which means that you can set them to go up or down by themselves in different weather conditions. This is possible by linking your Smartblinds with a smart sun sensor. Think, for example, of certain actions when the sun is strong or weak. If the sun is shining, the blinds will automatically go down and if it is cloudy, the blinds will automatically go up.


The window decoration is not only controllable by the owner himself. Smart Blinds is also equipped with a pull function that anyone can operate. Just like the usual window decoration. This means that even people without the app or remote control, for example a babysitter or cleaning lady, can adjust the position of your smart blinds.

Longer life

Because you hardly have to touch the window coverings yourself, smart window coverings last a very long time. Smartblinds' smart window decoration does not contain any cords, so even the smallest users can play around safely.

Smart window coverings for everyone

At Smartblinds you will find smart window coverings for everyone and every room. You can choose between smart roller blinds, smart day and night blinds and soon also smart honeycomb blinds. Take a look in our webshop, or order samples to experience our fabrics at home!