Smart window coverings the future

What is smart window decoration? That may be the question that first comes to mind when you read the title. Smart window decoration is one of the newest developments on the market. The word smart actually says it all. With these window coverings, you don't actually have to do anything yourself. You can make them go up and down completely automatically as you wish.

The difference

Electric blinds have been on the market for a while now. These window coverings can be operated with a remote control, for example. Smart blinds, however, give you many more possibilities. With smart blinds, you don't actually have to touch the blinds at all. This is because they can be automated and controlled with smart home.

Control with your voice

Nowadays you can control smart curtains with your voice. I can already hear you thinking: "How does this work? These smart curtains can be paired with your smart home assistant. This allows you to ask your smart assistant a question, and the speaker will then give a signal to your smart curtains. This is very practical if you have your hands full for a while, for example.

Controlling them with your phone

You can also control automatic curtains with your phone. Through the home app of your smart home platform you can move the curtains up or down exactly as you wish. So you never have to look for a remote control again. Smart blinds are also the electric blinds of the future because everyone nowadays has a smartphone in their pocket.

Operation with a time schedule

The window blinds of the future can be set according to a specific time schedule. This is because you can set up automatic scenes and routines via the home app on your cell phone. For example, do you want to wake up in the morning with the sun in your eyes? Adjust your window decorations accordingly. Or would you like more privacy in the evening while having dinner? Then the blinds go down automatically. This also has advantages when you are on vacation. Your window coverings will go up and down daily, so your house always seems inhabited. This deters burglars.

Controlling with the strength of the sun

These days, smart window coverings can also be set to the strength of the sun. It goes as follows: by combining your smart window decoration with a smart sensor you let your window decoration react to the strength of the sun. Is the sun shining too brightly in your home? Then the curtains or shutters can automatically lower or automatically raise. This is ideal if you don't want to have to look over your window decorations. And finally, it is also environmentally friendly. The light doesn't have to come on as often and you let heat in during the winter or out during the summer. This is ideal for saving just that little extra on your monthly energy costs!

Accessible for everyone

We have just discussed the possibilities that smart window decoration offers. But now I can already hear you thinking, "What if there's someone at my house who doesn't know about this? That's not a problem at all! Every user has been thought of. From young to old. For those users who don't understand all the new technical gadgets, there is still an easy pull function like on the usual window decoration. But there are no more long wires. And this in turn is ideal for the little users! So they can play with peace of mind anywhere!

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