The benefits of home automation

The term "smart home" is becoming more and more widespread. In 2015, it was estimated that over 100/200 million homes were equipped with home automation. By 2020, this was over 500/700 million. These rapid developments are here for a reason. Why is home automation so popular now? And what are you missing without automation in the home. This article explains the benefits of home automation.

What does the term home automation mean?

When the sun goes down, your lights come on, the heating adjusts to the temperature in your home, or the window coverings go up or down automatically in the morning or in the evening. Home automation is an umbrella term for all technical applications that automate your home. Many home automation products can be controlled remotely and with your cell phone.

More comfort

Thanks to this automation, you increase your comfort level considerably. You no longer have to get off the couch to close the curtains or get out of bed to open the blinds. This is, of course, very simple but smart blinds are also very handy when your hands are full, for example while cooking. You can operate the smart blinds with your voice. Via a smart speaker, you give a command to your smart window decoration. This then sends a signal to your blinds. This way, you can operate the blinds even with your hands full.

More control

Automation in your home gives you more control. Via your cell phone you can now operate and control your home remotely. Did you forget to turn off your lamp in the living room and you're already at work? No problem. Switch it off quickly via your phone. You can also easily close and open the window decorations via a time schedule. This way everyone thinks you are still at home. But nothing could be further from the truth. Via automatic scenes or routines you can also set your lighting, heating and other smart products to perform an action when you leave your house.

Saving money and energy

Another benefit of automation is the savings you can make. For example, you can turn off all your appliances at once. Blinds also ensure that it stays cold in the summer and warm in the winter because of the insulation. You can then set the schedule so that the blinds only go up when the sun is down. There are also washing machines that, for example, only go into operation when it is night-rate.

More insight into your consumption and habits

You can also track many things with automation, for example, how much television you watch, what dishes you cook in your smart oven or what things you store in your smart fridge. Based on these insights, you may be able to analyze your daily routines and habits and make adjustments to follow the lifestyle you want.


We just talked about controlling your window blinds while on vacation. This, of course, provides an added sense of security. Smart window decoration is also extra safe because it no longer uses long wires or loose parts that children can choke on. Everything is nicely finished in a nice and simple pull function. So you never have to worry again if your children are playing by the window or if there is someone at home who does not know how to operate the window decoration with your voice or cell phone. The pull function means that the smartblinds are still accessible to everyone.

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