Time for a new interior

Unfortunately, summer is over again. The holidays are over and the short dark days are back in our lives. The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. This means that we are indoors more often. In this period, it is very nice to be able to sit at home on the couch with a cup of tea and enjoy your own space. But is your place still up to date, or is your interior ready for something new? Did you know that 39% of the Dutch people renew their interior every month? In this article you will read how you can give your interior a completely new look and feel relatively easily!

A completely new look and feel in your home through new window coverings

What many people don't know is that by replacing your current window decorations you can create a completely new look and feel in your home. For example, you can replace your curtains with roller blinds, which can easily change the look of your living room or bedroom. If you choose for smart window decoration, you can even bring your complete interior to life. Smart window coverings are, as the name suggests, window coverings that are smart. This type of window covering makes your life easier and your interior a lot more modern. For example, you can easily control your new electric roller blinds from anywhere with an internet connection. You can also control your window coverings with your voice, mobile phone or timers. If you connect smart window coverings to other smart home products, such as smart lighting, even more is possible. Coming home to a dark house with the curtains still open is then a thing of the past. Browse our site to discover all the other possibilities and advantages.

Tips for the holidays

During the holiday season, your interior should radiate cosiness. Good mood lighting is a must. Something that is also not unimportant is the smell in your home. Certain smells can evoke a certain feeling in people. Think about what you smell when you enter your home and look for ways to change it. The ideal solution is scented candles. With scented candles, you do not only influence the smell in your home, but you also provide cosy atmospheric lighting!

Sitting inside a lot does not have to be boring. As long as you feel at home in your interior. So ask yourself: does my interior need renovating? The time has come to tackle your interior!