Mancave ideas

Having a mancave is the dream of the everyday man and his comrades. But what does the ultimate mancave look like? And perhaps more importantly; how do you create the perfect mancave? We list some mancave ideas!

A real mancave contains gadgets

Men are crazy about gadgets. Especially smart home gadgets are very popular among men and therefore a real mancave consists of several smart home products. How far you go is up to you. You can start simple by installing a few smart products in your mancave, but you can also go big and make almost the entire mancave smart. A first step is often to stock up on smart lighting. With smart lights you can turn your mancave into a game room or party room in no time. With different colors and brightnesses you can adjust the lighting to the needs of the moment. To have maximum control over the light, you also directly integrate smart window coverings into your mancave. The combination of smart lighting and smart window decoration immediately offers enormous possibilities. For example, you can create a smart home scene for every occasion that provides the perfect light. Think for example of a movie scene, where your smart roller blinds close and your lights go out or dim. Or a party scene, where your window coverings automatically lower and your smart lights turn into colored bulbs that react to the beat of your music. As you've probably noticed, smart home products make a lot of cool things possible. So if you're planning to make a mancave, make it smart right away!

A big TV should not be missing in a mancave

A mancave is ideal for watching a good game of soccer or a great movie in peace and quiet, alone or with your comrades. This means that a good TV should not be missing! Besides watching sports and series, the TV is probably also used for gaming. Make sure that the television in your mancave is suitable for your game console, so you can beat your friends at FIFA with the best picture quality or stand strong together with Call of Duty.

Space for a bar or game console

The ultimate mancave has enough space for its own bar where beer can be tapped and drunk. Ideally, there is also enough room for entertainment. For example, for a pool table, dart board or ping pong table. If you have the space, make sure you use it optimally! Don't want to spend too much money or don't have that much space at your disposal? Simple card and dice games also do very well in mancaves.

Popular mancave ideas in a row

Make your own mancave: the best mancave ideas and tips in a row.

  1. Sound system - Make sure you have good speakers to enjoy quality music.
  2. Television - A mancave is not complete without a big TV to watch sports or to play games.
  3. Bar - You get the real pub feeling when you can sit at a bar with your mates.
  4. Gadgets - The more gadgets, the better.
  5. Home automation - Create a next-level mancave with smart home solutions
  6. Games - Very many mancave ideas are about games, think simple card or dice games, but also darts, pool, etc.

Gathering mancave ideas and inspiration

Looking for more ideas and inspiration to make your own mancave or upgrade your existing one? Then use pinterest! On pinterest you can easily and quickly find home decor inspiration, which you can use to give any room in your house a makeover or upgrade.