Interior design and living trends

A home has become increasingly important through the eventful years and we are becoming more aware of this. After all, it is no longer just a place where you can unwind and feel completely comfortable. In fact, since recent years it has become the place where you work, learn, enjoy and celebrate vacations. This is what the home and interior design trends of 2022 are also based on. An interior is very personal and says a lot about you as a person. Developing your own unique style is therefore a nice challenge.

Are you going to redecorate your home soon and/or are you curious about the home and interior design trends for 2022? Then read on quickly!

These are the interior colors of 2022

If we talk about the trend colors of 2022 it is very diverse and something for everyone. Choose a color of the interior design trends that suits your style, making you feel nice and comfortable within the house. In this day and age, we are more than ever at home. A nice color on the wall and accessories and furniture in colors you like, make you feel even more at home.

With these colors you meet all the living and interior design trends of 2022.

Navy blue

Blue makes you think of a clear blue sky and a dip in the sea or swimming pool on hot summer days. It is a color that we see again and again as a trend color. We are going to see a lot of navy blue in many accessories and even walls. This blue color is on the dark side, but provides a lot of warmth. Navy blue is very easy to combine to create that warm feeling even more. It can be stylishly combined with mustard yellow, orange and pink, for example. Do you think the room is getting too dark? Then you can also work with light colors to brighten it up a bit.


You can do anything with it, it is a tough and calm color that creates a peaceful environment. Especially in the modern interiors of 2022 the color gray is very popular. Light gray or dark gray, as long as it has a warm undertone, you're all right in 2021. To create a cozy living room you can combine gray with a piece of warm wood, or with other trend colors, pastels, sea green, ochre and even gold.


We have not been able to travel much in recent years, so we bring the warmth of foreign countries into our homes. The color terracotta is especially common in Mediterranean countries, so the color is perfect for bringing the foreign feeling and warmth into the home. To create a beautiful whole, terracotta can be combined with off-white or blue-grey tones.


Brown is the new black, the color is warmer and less heavy. Brown is making a big comeback in home and interior design trends and is definitely here to stay for the next thirty years! The color provides safety and security which many people like, since they are at home a lot now. The color is also easy to combine with all materials that come from nature. Subdued colors like brown stand in your interior, but also your curtains for simple, classic, exclusive, comfort and transparent.


Finally, pastels are also very popular. Not the honeyed pastel, but a soft counterpart to bold pop colors. Pastel colors create a relaxing atmosphere in any room and have a positive effect on the atmosphere in the home.

The interior design trends of 2022


Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in households. More and more people are opting for recycled materials, furniture with a story that is made with respect for nature people and animals. Timeless furniture that lasts longer, giving new life to old furniture by buying second-hand furniture or refurbishing your own. Are you also an advocate of this? Then this year's home and interior design trends are right up your alley!

Worldly elements

A home decorating trend that will be very common this year is worldly elements. We're going to travel around the world, as it were, in our own homes. To combine foreign furniture and accessories, you create a very special feeling in your home. A lively color palette combined with basic colors for a nice and soft whole.


Japandi is a new living style that you will see a lot in the coming year. The style of Japan and Scandinavia are combined. You would not think it, but these two styles have surprisingly much in common. Japandi combines the modern flair of Scandinavian design with timeless Japanese elegance. The perfect balance of clean lines and organic shapes is beautifully displayed in this interior. This new home trend creates minimalism with a warm feel which is calming and increases the feeling of well-being.

Light and cuddly fabrics

We attach more value to a nice home because of the corona time, and that includes light tones, round shapes and cuddly fabrics such as wool and linen. Next to straight shapes, nowadays something organic always stands out, think of a round table in a large room. Round shapes break up the space and also help to soften it. The result is a fresh home, but soft and simple take the lead.

Window coverings that let you capitalize on home and interior design trends

In the top headings, we talked about interior design trends, which includes window coverings. The colors mentioned above can be applied to all types and sizes of window coverings. With in particular subdued brown tones. Those colors stand for simple, classic, exclusive, comfort and transparent. If you keep the colors of your window decorations quiet, you can go wild with furniture and accessories.

In addition, you can also apply sustainability to window decorations. You can do this by using smart window coverings. For example, honeycomb blinds, also called pleated blinds. It has a honeycomb structure that creates a stagnant layer of air, keeping the heat in and the cold out in the winter, and vice versa in the summer. Another example is roller blinds. With electric roller blinds, for example, you create a better indoor climate, which helps you save energy.

Finally, we have warm velour curtains, this fits the trend of light and cuddly fabrics. They have been in fashion for years and are also increasingly found in living styles. Velvet curtains have a classic and luxurious look, in addition, the curtains provide a good darkening of the room.

More home and interior inspiration

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