How do you start a smart home?

Smart home is one of the most popular topics in recent years. Smart home is very popular and more and more people are starting a smart home. But how do you make your home smart? And where should you start when starting your smart home? Before we answer these questions, we'll first explain what a smart home actually is.

What is a smart home?

In a smart home, daily actions such as switching on the coffee machine, switching the lamps on and off and opening and closing the curtains in the morning and evening are automated. In a smart home, all appliances are equipped with a smart motor or other smart technologies. This makes the devices able to communicate with each other. This creates all kinds of automated operations, which save you as a smart home beginner a lot of time and provide a lot of convenience. Besides convenience and time saving, a smart home is more energy efficient, which results in lower costs. On top of that, all the technical gadgets in a smart home make your house a lot safer! But how do you start your smart home?

Smart home beginner

What do I need to start my own smart home?

As a smart home beginner, it comes in handy if you already have some knowledge of technology and smart devices. In addition, you need a smartphone, which is connected to a strong WiFi network, just like your smart devices. From here you can start building your smart home by adding new devices. Later, we will explain the most accessible and simple smart home devices that you, as a smart home beginner, can easily add.

The Hub of your smart home

Controlling your smart home and all smart devices can be done in different ways. First of all, you have your smartphone. On your smartphone there are often apps that you can use to control your smart devices. However, you are not always near your phone. So how do you solve this? Then you have the Hub. A smart home Hub is actually the central hub of your smart home. The Hub is a smart device to which you can connect all your smart home devices. This turns your Hub into a kind of remote control for all your other smart devices. Often, the Hub is a smart speaker or smart TV. The Hub must be able to record voice commands. The software of the Hub is often accompanied by an app for your phone. In this app, you can add all your other smart devices, giving you the opportunity to create smart scenes, where all devices work together! The Apple HomePod Mini is a compact smart speaker that also functions as a Hub. Ideal for the living room, kitchen or any other room in your house. Discover how the Apple HomePod Mini works together with Smartblinds!

The smart home Hub
The benefits of a smart home

Making your home smart comes with a number of beneficial consequences. Of course, for some devices you will have to pay an extra penny, but in the long run you will see that smart devices will save you money. A smart thermostat and smart window coverings, for example, can help you save a lot on your energy bill. Smart appliances are also often more economical than normal appliances. Besides cost savings, turning your house into a smart home also makes you and your house a lot safer. With smart sensors in and around the house and a smart doorbell with camera, you are always aware of what happens in and around your house. Furthermore, as a smart home starter you will enjoy a lot of comfort and ease of use. Daily actions are no longer a worry for you, but are automated. This way you can, for example, stay in bed a bit longer in the morning, while your smart coffee maker heats up.

Make your house smart

The best devices to start your smart home

As mentioned above, it is useful for your smart home to have a Hub, so that you can also have voice control. A compact speaker such as the Apple HomePod Mini, other smart speakers or a Smart TV will do the trick. Once you have a Hub, you can start adding the smart devices you have in your home. If you are still looking for the most easy and accessible smart devices, we recommend the following 3 types of smart home devices:

Smart lighting
Smart lighting

Smart lighting is one of the first types of in- house electrical systems to be integrated into the smart home. That is why it is the easiest thing to add as a smart home beginner. After all, lighting is not that complicated. Smart lighting comes in many types and prices. So when buying smart lighting, pay close attention to quality, compatibility and functionality.

Smart thermostat
Slimme thermostaat

With a smart thermostat you can control the temperature in your home wherever you are, at any time. A smart thermostat in your home ensures a constant fine living climate with a pleasant temperature at all times. In addition, the use of a smart thermostat will have a positive effect on your energy bill.

Smart window coverings
Smart window coverings

Smart window coverings have many positive features and are very easy to understand as a smart home beginner. Because your window covering also moves when you are not at home, you deter burglars. This creates a secure feeling. The smart control of your window covering is possible via your phone and voice commands. Smart window decoration can be combined very well with other smart home devices. For instance, discover how Smartblinds work with the Eve Weather, the smart weather station!

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