Smartblinds work together with an Apple HomePod Mini!

Smartblinds can work together with other smart devices. This ensures that you can make your Smartblinds a fully integrated part of your smart home! It was recently made possible to order an Apple HomePod Mini from us. Smartblinds work well with this smart speaker! We are going to tell you about the possibilities of Smartblinds and the Apple HomePod Mini.

What is an Apple HomePod

A HomePod Mini is a smart speaker that is multi-purpose. It can be used to play music, but also to control your smart devices in the house. In addition, a HomePod Mini can serve as a hub for all devices that are controlled via Apple. This makes the smart speaker the heart of your smart home. It works seamlessly with all your Apple devices. This way the HomePod Mini can control all smart Apple devices in your home.

The design of the Apple HomePod Mini is small and round. We have it available in two colours, white and space gray. An Apple HomePod Mini is an ideal addition to your smart home.

Apple HomePod Mini
Voice control via the HomePod

A HomePod Mini can be controlled by Siri. This means you can address Siri with your voice and the command you give will be executed. In the case of Smartblinds, you can set a smart scene via Apple's Home app. Give the scene a name, for example "Hey Siri, good morning". When you say, "Hey Siri, good morning", Siri will control the devices that you have set for the scene. For example, your lights go on, your radio goes on and the Smartblinds go up. You can select all the devices that should be part of the scene via the home app.

Voice control with Siri

Operation outside the home

When you have a HomePod Mini in your home it is also possible to operate your smart devices when you are not at home. This can help you to keep your house cool by turning down the Smartblinds when you are at work. A HomePod Mini is therefore a good addition to your smart home and/or Smartblinds order!


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