Keep your home cool

Now that summer is in sight, it will be getting warmer by the day. Because of this, you will soon be busy keeping your house as cool as possible. Smart window coverings can help with this! Smartblinds do the work for you. Would you like to know how you can best keep your home cool with Smartblinds smart window coverings? Then read on!

Warmth in your home
When the weather gets warmer, chances are that your house will get warmer too. The sun causes continuous heat to radiate into your home. This heat can only leave your house when your windows and doors are open. But you probably won't be at home all day to leave your windows and doors open and you also don't want to be away from home all day with all the windows open! We are going to explain how you can keep your home cool, even when you are not at home.
Cool in your home
Keep your home cool
There are, of course, many ways to keep your home cool. For example, you can buy an air conditioner to keep your home cool. But you can also make sure that the sun doesn't shine in so strongly by using smart window coverings. In the winter, you probably want to bring the heat inside and, in the summer, you want to keep the heat outside. With Smartblinds in your home, you can!
heat-reflecting roller blinds

Keep your home cool with Smartblinds

With Smartblinds' smart window coverings, it is very easy to lower your Smartblinds when the sun shines in. You can do this yourself, with the help of smart scenes or by collaborating with the Eve Wheater, for example. This is a smart weather station that measures how many degrees it is outside/inside. When the Eve Wheather measures that it is 20 degrees inside, for example, you can set your Smartblinds to receive a trigger that makes them go down. You can set the trigger as you wish. This way you keep the heat outside without having to do anything yourself! You do not even have to be at home to do this.

Smartblinds smart window coverings

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