Honeycomb blinds for the living room

You probably never gave it much thought, but your living room might just be the room in your house that has the most windows. To prevent just anyone from peeking into your home, custom-made living room window coverings are desirable. After all, you want to be able to enjoy moments with your friends and family in your living room, where you don't want to be disturbed by leering glances from strangers and passers-by. Fortunately, with honeycomb blinds in your living room, you don't have to worry about these problems. Electric honeycomb blinds in the living room are the solution to greatly contribute to the style and functionality of your living room in addition to privacy!

The pros of honeycomb blinds in the living room

An insulated living room

Smart honeycomb blinds from Smartblinds offer an awful lot of other functional benefits in addition to their function as interior eye-catchers. Among other things, a living room honeycomb blind functions as insulating window covering. The double fabric track of our honeycomb blinds together form a honeycomb cell structure in which air collects. This layer of air forms an extra insulating layer between the different temperatures inside your home and outside. The honeycomb blind on your living room window prevents unnecessary heat loss or, on the contrary, heat gain in summer.

honeycomb blind living room

The perfect combination between light and privacy

With honeycomb blinds in your living room, you can ensure the right amount of light and privacy in different ways. First, for this we have the light filtering honeycomb blinds. These are honeycomb blinds through which you can't see, but allow a lot of light through. This means that even when the pleated blind is closed, you still have enough light in your living room. Want more light? Then go for a living room honeycomb blind with a top down bottom up system. With this system, you have a motor on both the top and bottom of your blind. This makes it possible not only to move the bottom of your blind, but also to adjust the height of the top of your blind. This allows you to let light into your living room on both sides of your honeycomb blind.

living room honeycomb blinds

Configure according to your wishes

Of course, your new living room honeycomb blinds should match the rest of your interior or living style. For example, if you have an industrial interior, you will also want industrial-looking window blinds. Fortunately, at Smartblinds you can compose your honeycomb blinds completely according to your wishes. For instance, you can enter the exact measurements of your window, making your pleated blinds 100% custom-made. In addition to the colour of your curtain fabric, you can also determine the colour of your system, the size of the cells of your cellular blind and, of course, whether you want top down operation or top down bottom up operation.

cellular blind living room

Questions or need help?

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