Living room window blinds

The living room. Perhaps it is the most valuable room in your home. You gather there, celebrate your parties with family and friends and completely unwind on your own. No wonder, then, that you want the perfect window blinds in your living room. Luckily, at Smartblinds we have a range of different types of window blinds for your living room. Do you opt for privacy? Do you want lots of natural light in your living room, or do you go for a golden middle ground by hanging a stylish day and night blind in your living room, for example? In this article, you'll find out for each window blind category the benefits the blinds offer and why they would perfectly suit as your living room window bilnds.

Smart window coverings in the living room

Window blinds in general are not very special, of course. What makes Smartblinds so special is the motors we incorporate in the window blinds. All our window coverings feature a smart motor. This motor allows you to connect your electric roller blind to your smart home platform and system. If you connect your smart window coverings to Apple HomeKit, for example, a world of smart control options will open up for you. It becomes possible to control your window blinds via your smartphone and you can even set your living room window blinds in motion by voice commands!

window blinds for living room

Benefits of smart window blinds in the living room

With smart window blinds in the living room, you can control your window coverings from the sofa. Start up your favourite movie, and instruct your smart assistant to dim the smart home lights and close your Smartblinds. You don't even have to get off the couch for it anymore. Already in bed, but forgot to close living room blinds? Instruct your smart assistant to close the blind, or swipe your blind on your phone. You can stay in bed and don't have to go down the stairs to do it!

Your smart blinds in the living room can also offer many advantages in everyday life. For instance, you can be more careful with the outside temperature, allowing you to better regulate your living environment. Besides, you can have the right light in your home in no time, without having to touch a cord!

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