Industrial blinds

Industrial interior design is one of the most popular house styles of the past decades. Industrial design is characterised by robust and sturdy materials such as leather, dark metal and wood tones. The industrial living style uses a sober colour palette, in which eye-catchers such as metal tables and striking lamps are alternated with accessories such as an animal skin and a large dark planter.

Window coverings can also contribute to your own industrial living style. De smart roller blinds are available in different shades, which are all suitable as industrial window coverings. When you think of window coverings for an industrial interior, you quickly think of colours such as anthracite, grey or brown. These colours can give your room a warm and tough appearance.

Sturdy and robust

When it comes to who absolutely loves industrial interiors, it is often the men. Men love the latest gadgets and technology. That, of course, includes smart homes. And what is better than connecting your industrial window coverings from Smartblinds to your smart home? With our industrial smart blinds, you can make a statement with your friends and family, while enjoying optimal comfort and ease of use!

Why an industrial roller blind?

Roller blinds are timeless and therefore fit every interior. Smartblinds' roller blinds are easy to put together in the desired fabric, colour and size. The roller blind's cassette and bottom rail are also available in various colours. In addition, the Smartblinds are low-maintenance and easy to operate via the Apple HomeKit App, voice control or manually via a pull-function. Discover how Smartblinds work!

Industrial window coverings

Tips for your industrial interior

When decorating your home with an industrial interior, the colour combination is very decisive. If you choose light walls, the furniture and accessories should contrast well with them. The same applies to the choice of dark walls, so you should not choose too dark furniture to prevent it from becoming one big dark mass. When creating an industrial look, you need to find the right balance between light and dark.

The use of plants as decoration is also very common and can enrich your living style. Plants combine well with industrial window decorations. For example, place a small plant on the windowsill in front of your blinds, or place a large houseplant on the ground. That way, your room will have more depth and the plants will give it a healthy and cosy look. Look for more Smartblinds interior inspiration!

Curious about which colour Smartblinds will best suit your industrial interior? Order free fabric samples! We will deliver it to your home the next day. You can hold the fabric of the fan against your furniture and walls to make sure that you have made the right choice.

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