Electric control with the MotionBlinds motor

At Smartblinds, we give you, the customer, the option to configure your window coverings to suit your needs. The motor of our window coverings can also be chosen in 2 different forms. The MotionBlinds motor is the simplest and most accessible motor of the 2 options. On this page, you can read all about the MotionBlinds motor.

The MotionBlinds motor briefly
The MotionBlinds motor is basically a kind of 'basic' version of the Eve MotionBlinds motor. The motor is designed for people who have the need to electrically control their window coverings, but do not have the need to connect their electric window blinds to a smart home. To ensure that customers with these needs do not pay more for features they do not want or will not use anyway, the MotionBlinds motor is the best choice for them. Nevertheless, there are 3 ways you can control this motor. We explain them all for you.
MotionBlinds motor MotionBlinds motor
Control via app
Even if you don't have a 'smart home' motor, it is still possible to control your electric window coverings via an app. If you order your Smartblinds with a MotionBlinds motor, you can use the corresponding 'MotionBlinds Bluetooth' app on your phone. Attached to the cord of your or electric roller blind is a QR code. When you scan this via the installed MotionBlinds Bluetooth app, you simply need to follow the steps given in the app. After that, you can immediately start electrically controlling your window blinds via your smartphone. Please note: To control your electric window coverings via your smartphone, you need to be near your window coverings (radius of 10 metres).
MotionBlinds Bluetooth app MotionBlinds Bluetooth app
Pull cord operation
The traditional drawstring is a thing of the past. In fact, Smartblinds has a new function for your cord. The pull function is a new technology where you set your Smartblind in motion with a short tug on the cord. Is your Smartblind at the desired height? By giving another short pull on the cord, you stop your blind. By setting a start and end position on your Smartblinds, your electric window covering automatically moves to the other position with one pull. The pull function is an ideal replacement for manual operation, eliminating the need to spend minutes pulling cords to open or close your window coverings.
Pull cord Pull cord
Operation via remote control
In addition to the above control options, it is also possible to add a MotionBlinds remote control to your Smartblinds. This remote control has 5 channels. Tip: Link all your blinds per room to one channel! This way, you can control your blinds per room at the same time. The remote control can easily be added to your order when configuring one of your Smartblinds! You can also add the remote control later by going to the accessories category.
Remote control Remote control

Are you convinced by the above control options? Then you are sure that the MotionBlinds motor is the best choice for you. Are you looking for more features, including connecting your Smartblinds to your smart home platform? Then the other option, the Eve MotionBlinds motor is probably more your favourite. If you're curious, you can also read all about the Eve MotionBlinds motor.

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