Wide window blinds

Wide windows are common in contemporary house building. Many homes today have an extension in the form of a conservatory, outdoor kitchen or veranda that has one or more glass walls. To prevent theft, protect your privacy and provide your glass wall or window with a stylish and unique form of sun protection, there is Smartblinds window blinds for wide windows.

Electric controls for wide window blinds
The bigger and wider the window, the heavier the window blind weighs. Operating a wide roller blind manually will therefore also be a lot heavier. Smartblinds window blinds for wide windows are powered by an Eve Motionblinds motor. This means you no longer have to pull a cord yourself, but the blind is opened or closed by your smart motor.
wide window blinds wide window blinds
A wide window brings a lot of natural light into the house. Natural light creates a spacious feel in your home, making it feel big and open. This is very nice, but you also want to be able to enjoy a moment to yourself once in a while. With roller or honeycomb blinds for wide windows, you can control your own privacy. The beauty of honeycomb blinds is that you can still let light through on both the top and bottom of the honeycomb blind. This way, you can find the perfect combination between light and privacy.
window blinds wide windows window blinds wide windows
Roller blinds for wide windows
Smartblinds' roller blinds can be ordered with a maximum width of 250cm. This allows you to cover a lot of windows. If you have an even wider window, for example a sliding door with 2 wide doors, you can choose to install 2 wide roller blinds next to each other.
wide roller blinds wide roller blinds
Honeycomb blinds for wide windows
Smartblinds' smart honeycomb blinds can be composed with a maximum width of 250 centimetres. So you can fit windows up to 2.5 metres wide with a single pleated blind! If you have an even wider window, you can of course choose two narrower honeycomb blinds next to each other, just like the roller blinds. This will also look very stylish.
wide honeycomb blinds wide honeycomb blinds
Curtains for large windows
Of course, you can also choose curtains as wide window blinds. Curtains also combine well with any of the above types of window covering. Did you know that you can also make your curtains smart with a smart curtain track from Smartblinds? The electric curtain track has a maximum width of 580cm, allowing you to fit complete conservatories and windows with one curtain track!
curtains wide windows curtains wide windows

Wake up rested with wide window blinds

Nothing beats waking up to a wide view of your garden, town or surroundings. However, it is important that your wide window decoration blocks the light well at night, so you are not bothered by incoming light when you want to sleep. Smartblinds has both blackout roller blinds and blackout honeycomb blinds for wide windows. These are solar control for hot summers and can help you sleep at night by preventing light from entering your room.

In addition to a good night's sleep, waking up pleasantly is of course also highly desirable. Smartblinds' wide window blinds have a solution for this. Because your wide curtain is linked to your smart home platform, you can control it using timers or triggers. For example, you can set your window blinds to automatically raise at 8am, waking you up with the sun's rays in your face.

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