Wide window blinds

Wide windows are often found in today's housing stock. Many houses nowadays have an extension in the form of a conservatory, outdoor kitchen or veranda that has one or more glass walls. To prevent theft, protect privacy and give your glass wall/window a sleek design, there is Smartblinds smart window covering for wide windows.

Electric control of blinds for wide windows

The larger and wider the window, the heavier the blind. Operating a wide blind manually will therefore also be a lot heavier. This is not a problem with the electric Smartblinds. They are powered by an Eve Motionblinds motor, so you do not have to deal with heavy pull cords..


There are several possibilities and choices to take into account when choosing blinds for wide windows. With your wide window blinds, you can determine the amount of natural light and your degree of privacy yourself. Our sheer smart roller blinds are most suitable as wide window blinds. The transparent fabric allows a large amount of natural light into the room, but still provides optimum privacy because it is no longer possible to simply look inside.

Wide window blinds

Good night's rest

There is nothing better than waking up with a wide view of your garden, city or surroundings. However, it is important that your wide blinds block the light properly at night, so that you are not bothered by incoming light when you want to sleep. Smartblinds has blackout smart roller blinds. They are sunproof for hot summers and can help you sleep at night by blocking the light from entering your room.

The benefits of Smartblinds

In addition to a good night's sleep, waking up in the morning is also very desirable. For this, automatic blinds are essential at a wide window. That is why we use an Eve MotionBlinds motor for smart window coverings, which can be linked to many smart home platforms such as Alexa, Apple Home, Google Assistant and Homey. By linking the motor to your smart home app, you can, for example, set an alarm to alert your electric roller blinds to open automatically at the time you want to be woken up. This way, you can wake up to the light shining in your eyes and get the day off to a better start.

Electric curtain track

Do you already have curtains hanging in front of your wide windows but want to fit them with a smart motor? Therefore, Smartblinds has a smart curtain tracks. With these smart curtain tracks, you can add a smart motor to your current curtains, allowing you to add them to your smart home and smart scenes.

Smartblinds offers many options for wide curtains. Our roller blinds, honeycomb blinds and soon also venetian blinds are available in multiple colour and fabric combinations to suit any type of home. Wondering which wide blinds fit your interior best? Go to our inspiration page ! Do you have questions about the dimensions and can't figure it out yourself? Then contact our customer service, or schedule a consultation!

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