Electric curtain track

Transform your existing or new curtains into smart curtains with our wireless electric curtain rails! Control your curtains via your smartphone, a remote control or even let them open and close automatically using smart home applications. You simply work the motor away behind the curtain and easily charge it via the included USB-C cable.
from €395.40
In het venster
Op het venster
Curtain each side and motor right
Curtain each side and motor left
Curtain and motor on right
Curtain and motor on left
Ceiling fitting
Wall fitting
Pleated curtain
Wave curtain
from €395.40

Determining the right width for your curtain track is very simple. Do you want to mount your curtain rail inside the window recess? Measure the width at the top of the window. Please note! We supply the curtain rail with a reduction of 1 cm on both sides. Specify the exact size of your window and we will make sure the curtain track falls exactly in between. So do not make any reductions! Do you want to mount your curtain track outside the window recess? Then measure the width of the window and add the desired overlap.

You can choose to mount your curtain tracks inside the recess or outside the recess:

  1. Inside the recess
    If you hang the curtain track inside the recess, it is mounted between the walls of your window pane. With this choice, we therefore supply your curtain track with a reduction of 1 cm on both sides.
  2. Outside the recess
    If you hang the curtain track outside the recess, it is mounted on the wall and comes to hang over the window with overlap on both sides

Want to know more about how to measure? View our measurement instructions here

Choose the type of curtain tracks you need. For example, you can choose:

  • Curtain rail with centre lock, allowing you to hang two curtains.

  • Curtain rail with single closure, where you can hang one curtain.

By choosing a motor side, you decide on which side you want to charge your curtains. If you choose left, the motor and charging port will be on the left side of the product. Do you want this to be on the right side? Then choose right.

Do you want to mount your curtain tracks on the wall or on the ceiling? Choose the desired mounting, so we can supply the right mounting brackets along with it.

Let us know what type of curtains you want to attach to the rails, and we will make sure the right runners are included to hang them!

Wil je je elektrische gordijnrails koppelen met een domotica systeem of smart home platform? Dan is daar een MotionBlinds Wi-Fi bridge voor nodig. Voeg je gordijnrail toe aan de bridge en voeg vervolgens de bridge toe aan je domotica systeem of smart home platform. Door je gordijnrails te koppelen met je smart home ben je in staat om je gordijnen onderdeel uit te laten maken van slimme scènes. Let op: Je kunt deze gordijnrail niet koppelen met Apple HomeKit.

Would you also like to be able to control your curtains with a remote control? Then add it to your order! With one remote control, you can operate up to 5 different curtains.

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Easy installation & use
Smart curtain tracks contain a wireless MotionBlinds motor, which you can pair with the MotionBlinds Wi-Fi bridge. The motor is designed so that all data is stored locally, protecting the user's privacy at all times. You easily charge the motor's battery with a USB-C cable. With normal use, you only need to do this once or twice a year.
Numerous benefits

With our smart curtain tracks in your home, you benefit from plenty of advantages:

  • A wireless and silent motor, which you easily charge with the included USB-C cable

  • Once mounted, you simply hide the motor behind your curtain, so it is never in sight

  • Combined with the MotionBlinds Wi-Fi bridge, you can use your curtains with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or the MotionBlinds Bridge App

  • And let your curtains open or close automatically based on timers, temperatures or amount of light

  • Enjoy more comfort, safety and durability in your home

motorised curtain track
Motorised curtain track

Smartblinds' smart curtain track features a wireless smart motor with rechargeable battery. This battery only needs to be charged once or twice a year with normal use of your smart curtain track.

Compatible with your smart home
Combatible with your smart home

Our electric curtain tracks can be added to your smart home platform. Using the MotionBlinds Wi-Fi bridge, you link the curtain rail with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Connection with Apple HomeKit is not yet possible.

Slimme scènes
Smart scenes with electric curtain tracks

Your electric curtain track can also be added to scenes with other devices. We have a few super handy scenes listed for you to save energy with!


Specifications & product information

System color: White
Power supply: Battery
Suitable for: Pleated curtains & Wave curtains
Battery capacity: 2600mAh-38.5Wh (14.8V)
Noise: Our motors make noise when in motion. The noise level depends on several factors and therefore varies depending on the room, surface, system, etc.
Number of runners at pleated: 12 per metre
Distance between runners at wave: 8 centimetres
Charging port: USB-C
Traction force: up to 50kg
Package: An extra-long USB-C cable and an instruction manual are included with every order
Warranty system: 2 years
Warranty motor: 5 years

Smartblinds electric curtain tracks are easy to mount and connect with your smartphone! Thanks to the motor with wireless battery, our curtain rails do not need to be continuously connected to power. In normal use, you only need to charge the motor once or twice a year via a USB-C cable. In combination with the MotionBlinds Wi-Fi bridge, you link the curtain rails to the most well-known smart home platforms, such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.


Finding the right measurements for your Smartblinds is easy! Simply use our measuring guide: Measuring guide curtain track.pdf

Would you like to receive personal advice? Use the chat or schedule a free consultation with one of our advisors!


Mounting your Smartblinds is a piece of cake. Check out our curtain track installation instructions below.

Installation manual Smartblinds curtain track.pdf

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