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Upgrade your interior with Smartblinds smart venetian blinds and instantly bring enormous living comfort into your home. View our range of wooden and bamboo blinds and order your smart venetian blinds made-to-measure right away! Would you first like to feel and see the material of our blinds in real life? Then request free samples with no obligation!

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Smartblinds electric venetian blinds

You want a comfortable, user-friendly, safe and sustainable home. Smart venetian blinds from Smartblinds are certainly part of that. With them, you will always have the right amount of light, shade and temperature in your home. Very easy to install, plenty of choice in design and always made to measure. Moreover, you always have top quality. You can rely on that.


Our entire range of electric venetian blinds works seamlessly with Apple's smart home platform, HomeKit. Control your smart blinds automatically and from everywhere via your smartphone. Still want to manually change the position of your venetian blinds every now and then? That too is simple thanks to the integrated pull function.


  • With electric venetian blinds you keep out the sun and provide more privacy;
  • You do this by changing the position of the horizontal slats to suit your needs;
  • Control our automatic venetian blinds with your smartphone or voice;
  • All you have to do is install them in seconds and you're ready to go.


Whatever type of electric blinds you are looking for, we have them for you. Always smart and automatically operated, of course. This is not woven into our name for nothing. High quality and design, but also optimal user-friendliness: that's what we stand for. Choose your electric venetian blinds at your convenience as soon as we have added this product group to our range. In addition to venetian blinds, our range also includes electric roller blinds and day and night blinds.


Good question. We certainly have good answers to that too. But as a resident of a smart home, you actually already know the benefits. The app and voice controls offer you many advantages:

  • You make it easy on yourself
    All of our electric venetian blinds can be controlled automatically with your app. How easy do you want it to be?

  • They deter burglars
    Because you can even operate the smart venetian blinds when you're not home, burglars are much more likely to skip your home because they see movement in the house. This makes it a lot safer.

  • Childproof due to the missing cord
    Automatic venetian blinds can be operated without a cord. This makes them safe for children.

  • Energy-saving
    Also make smarter use of the heat that the sun provides for free and save energy to heat your home.


Reluctant to install your Smartblinds electric venetian blinds? Don't be! They are known for being easy to use. The super simple installation takes no time at all and the programming and operation are self-explanatory. The connection is via Bluetooth, so there is no need for an expensive bridge or gateway to set up in your Apple HomeKit system.

It really is very simple: you just scan the QR code and your electric venetian blinds are installed automatically and securely. Controlling them via app or voice is then a breeze. Installation is just a few seconds of work. Software updates for activation of the latest features and user-experience improvements appear automatically in the app. As a result, little to no service or support is required after installation.


  • Stylish blinds that are easy to install, even if you have no technical experience;
  • You install everything wirelessly. Just hang it up and you're done;
  • Operation can be done in many ways: via app, voice or pull control;
  • Easily pair your new venetian blinds with Apple HomeKit.


Your new smart venetian blinds should work effortlessly and securely with your other certified HomeKit accessories. Whether it's your lights, motion detectors, thermostat or anything else. Everything is connected to each other. Make your Smartblinds an integral part of your smart home ecosystem. This is how comfortable it should be!

Did you know that our products are extra privacy-friendly? Applications from other providers usually work with the cloud. Smartblinds stores all data and settings locally. The data never leaves the house. This way, we guarantee your safety and privacy.

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