Window covering ideas, inspiration & tips

Window coverings make your house a home. There are many ways to cover your windows and there are many possibilities for every living style. Window coverings contribute to the atmosphere in your home, so it is very important that it matches your interior and living style. Stressed out about choosing and don't know where to start? Or would you like to get window decoration ideas and inspiration? Then you've come to the right place.

First, it is wise to determine your interior style. Our article on the interior and living trends of today can help you with this. Once you have determined your interior style, it's time to pick window decorations that match it. In bedrooms, the window decoration should keep out the light and in kitchens it should be resistant to moisture and dirt. Always think carefully, because you don't replace window decorations every year. We have listed some window decoration ideas, inspiration and tips for you.

Roller Blinds

When you go to bed after a long day, you don't want to be disturbed by rattling curtains or incoming light. A dark and quiet bedroom will ensure that you get a better and deeper sleep. Your choice of window covering in the bedroom is therefore very important. For an optimal night's sleep, blackout blinds are a good choice. This type of window decoration is easy to install, easy to use, insulating and energy saving.

Moisture and water resistance

A window decoration tip for the kitchen is moisture resistance. In the kitchen, everything gets dirty faster than other rooms in your house. In addition, the dirt that takes place in the kitchen is also often the most stubborn. That's why in the kitchen you choose curtains that are easy to maintain. The 2 curtains above is a wise choice for the kitchen. A pleated and roller blind are made of 100% polyester, are easier to maintain, so you can clean these types of window decoration in no time.

For the bathroom, choose water-resistant window coverings. Wouldn't it be a shame if your new window covering became damaged, yellowed or moldy in no time? Aluminum and polyester are water-resistant materials that can handle that moisture! So choose aluminum blinds, a beautiful Roman blind or the classic polyester pleated blind. Besides the water resistance, another advantage is that these types of window coverings allow light to pass through without losing your privacy. A win-win situation!

Venetian blinds

In the section about moisture and water resistance, we mentioned Venetian blinds. Not only is this window decoration suitable for the bathroom, but also for the living room. The plastic or aluminum variant, for example, are fire retardant, colorfast and usually cheaper than curtains. And no less important is that the material is very easy to clean, you dust the slats after all. The aluminum blind in shiny black has a luxurious look and can add contrast to your interior.

A wooden blind is something you see a lot lately. It gives a nice robust look that often has more warmth and luxury than an aluminum blind. Smartblinds has 2 types of venetian blinds. You can choose between wooden venetian blinds or bamboo venetian blinds.

Tightly finished hallway

Do you have a front door made of glass? Then this window decoration tip is made for you! Finding the right curtains for a glass front door can be quite a challenge. How do you hang a curtain on that? The solution is pretty simple, you don't even have to drill any holes! For an easy and clean result, use pleated clamps. In no time at all you can hang the roller blind on the door. This is also an ideal solution for tilt and turn windows.


A window decoration that everyone knows, there are all kinds of curtains available in many colors, patterns and materials. You easily slide them open and shut horizontally. Do you think it is important to keep warmth in and block out light and view? Then choose thick heavy curtains. Do you want privacy, but also light permeability? Then go for light inbetween curtains. Because of the different pleats, there are big changes in the look of the curtain. A single pleat is for a clean look and a double pleat for a rich and classic look.

Electric curtain track

Smartblinds has electric curtain tracks. This is a curtain track, with a chargeable motor which you can add to your smart home. By doing this, you change your normal curtains into a smart home curtain!

Solution for attic windows

Attic windows are often not the easiest to add window coverings to. Here, too, we have a tip for covering them stylishly and practically! For example, you can simply choose a roller blind. If you install the blind with a skylight cassette, the blind will always stay in place, no matter how slanted or steep the window is. In addition, you can decide how much light enters your room, as the blind can stop at any height. Clamp brackets are also an ideal solution for pcv-turned-turned-windows and, moreover, you do not have to drill them.

Extra window decoration tips

  1. The first extra tip is to buy short curtains, the advantages of short window decoration are that the curtains are never in your way during household chores and it doesn't hang in front of your radiator.
  2. If you want to make your window coverings less noticeable, choose roller blinds that you can hardly see rolled up.
  3. If you have different types of window coverings in your home, but still want unity, choose the same color.
  4. If you like to let the sunlight into your home, choose translucent curtains. This will give the room a warm feel, but let the outside air do most of the work.

Do you like extra convenience? Then choose electrically operated window coverings! At Smartblinds, you'll find high quality smart roller blinds and electric day and night blinds that will transform your home into an incredibly comfortable and pleasant place!

Window decoration ideas per room

Need more ideas and inspiration? Find window decoration ideas and tips per unique space below.