Safe living through smart window coverings

A secure feeling in your own home is something everyone wants. You don't want to have the feeling that someone is watching you and you don't want it to happen when you are away from home. Intelligent window decoration is the ideal solution for this. Window decoration provides more privacy in your home. It also provides a safer feeling because you can operate the window decoration remotely. How this works you can read in this article.

More privacy

Electric window decoration is of course available in different transparencies. So there is window decoration for everyone. Window decoration is available in two different types of transparencies which offer privacy, namely:

Blackout window coverings 

Blackout window decoration is used, for example, in the bedroom. The word says it all - the room is darkened. Blackout window decoration also offers ultimate privacy. You cannot see through the window from both sides. Black-out window decoration is an ideal solution for a window where you would rather not have people looking in.

Light transmitting window decoration

Translucent window decoration filters the light in your room. The daylight enters your room but much less brightly. Translucent curtains are also ideal for privacy in your home. For example, this is ideal if you live on the street and don't want everyone to see in, but still want to benefit from daylight.

Remote control window decoration

Smart window decoration can also be controlled remotely. This is made possible by Apple HomeKit. You can in fact link your smart window decoration to your smartphone, to your smart speaker, but also simply to a remote control. You do not need to be at home to control your electric blinds. This is ideal for when you are on vacation, for example. You can move the smart window decoration up and down to create the illusion that people are at home. This keeps burglars away. And so you can enjoy your vacation with a safe feeling.

Safe for the smallest users

Many parents do not allow their children to play close to the window because they are afraid that the children will, for example, choke on the small parts of the window decoration or hurt themselves on the hanging parts. With smart window decoration by Smartblinds, this is a thing of the past. All parts are neatly integrated. Also, there are no long cords of importance anymore.

Are you curious and would you like to make your home a lot safer with smart window coverings? Then look around on our site and discover all the advantages of electric window coverings!