Which window blinds suit your home best

As every home has windows, every home also needs window blinds. The range is vast which can make the choice difficult. Windows come in all shapes and sizes and homes all have different styles. It can therefore be difficult to pick window blinds that suits both your window and home. We list the advantages of each type of window blinds to make your choice easier.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds have been around for countless years, making them a common product in households. Almost every window blinds provider has roller blinds in its range. Nowadays, roller blinds can be seen a lot in bedrooms. Roller blinds are available in different fabrics. For the bedroom, blackout fabric is often chosen. Besides the fact that roller blinds hang in many bedrooms, they are also simply very handy. They create both privacy and light in your home by means of a translucent fabric. Since there is plenty of roller blinds on offer, you will always be able to find one that fits your interior well.

Honeycomb blinds

Something we get excited about are honeycomb blinds. You also see honeycomb blinds a lot in households and we understand that! In fact, Electric honeycomb blinds are super convenient. They keep the sun out and the heat in between the two fabrics. As a result, your home doesn't get so hot in summer. In addition, you can very easily hang them at different heights. In fact, you can raise and lower the bottom as well as the top. Would you like to receive light in your home, but do not want everyone to be able to see inside? Hang the honeycomb blinds at such a height that you only lower the top, so that you receive enough light but passers-by cannot see you in your home. Honeycomb blinds provide privacy in your home. Also honeycomb blinds are available in many different colours and fabrics. As a result, this type of window blinds also suits almost every home.

Smartblinds in your home

Are you curious about what Smartblinds have to offer? Then take a look at our product page and who knows, maybe you will soon have Smartblinds in your home! Not sure what to do? Then contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you!