Create a Stylish Home with electric honeycomb Blinds

In addition to smart roller blinds, we also offer smart honeycomb blinds in our range. honeycomb blinds are highly popular compared to other window decoration options. In this article, we provide you with inspiration for a stylish home with electric honeycomb blinds.

What are honeycomb blinds?

The honeycomb blinds we have in our collection are top-down/bottom-up blinds. This means that both the bottom and top can be adjusted, offering you versatile control over your window coverings. Our honeycomb blinds are constructed with a double layer of fabric, the dupli variant. This results in a durable fabric and excellent insulation properties for the honeycomb blinds.

Honeycomb blinds for every home

Thanks to the numerous customization options honeycomb blinds offer, they can seamlessly fit into nearly any home. By selecting colors and fabrics that match your preferred interior style, you can create a stylish home. Your honeycomb blinds will blend beautifully with your interior décor. With a variety of colors available, there's something appealing for every interior. If you'd like to see the fabric and color in person to ensure it complements your furniture, you can request free and non-binding fabric samples to evaluate at home.

A Stylish Home

In a stylish interior and home, honeycomb blinds are an essential element. honeycomb blinds exude sophistication and tranquility. Choose a color that harmonizes with your interior, turning your window coverings into true eye-catching features! It's worth noting that our Smartblinds honeycomb blinds are electrically operated, which means no more dealing with cords, but instead, control them via your smartphone! Managing your window decorations has never been so convenient and comfortable. Electric honeycomb blinds are the perfect addition to a stylish home.

Smart honeycomb Blinds

At Smartblinds, we exclusively offer smart honeycomb blinds. As mentioned above, this means you can operate them through your smartphone. Effortlessly link your Smartblinds to the Apple HomeKit app and control them by sliding to your desired percentage. Set up smart scenes to have your Smartblinds raise and lower at your preferred times. It's even possible to command your honeycomb blinds using voice commands. Order your smart honeycomb blinds and experience the convenience at home!

Smartblinds Products

We have various smart window decoration products in our range. If you'd like to learn more about them, please read our other articles. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our customer service via online chat, email, or phone. We are here to assist you with all your inquiries!