Tips for a timeless interior design

Designing your interior is a fun job, at least for most. There are a lot of interior styles to choose from for decorating your interior. Think of a industrial, rural or a timeless style, for example. Let the latter style be the one we know more about! We give you four tips to create a timeless style in your home!

Choose a neutral colour palette

To give your interior a timeless look, it is important to use a neutral and calm colour palette. This does not mean that you have to paint all the walls white, but this means using calm colours. Think of white in combination with light grey, beige, wood and so on. Implement the colour palette throughout the interior. So not only on the walls, but also on the furniture, accessories and so on. So choose your colour palette carefully!

Invest in durable materials

A timeless interior should not lack durable materials. A durable item will last a very long time, making your interior look instantly timeless! Sustainable items often fall in a higher price category, but you get quality in return. So invest in sustainable items such as furniture, accessories, window blinds and much more. Sustainable window blinds are an investment that's absolutely worth it! Smartblinds are both sustainably manufactured and made of durable material and electrical. Check out the range here. Generally, durable materials have a timeless look and feel, which is exactly what you want your home to exude!

Choose trendy accessories

For a neutral colour palette, trendy accessories are fitting. To give your interior a cosy and atmospheric look, you can add trendy accessories. Make sure the accessories match your interior but still stand out. Have you bought an accessory, taken it home and it doesn't match your interior? No problem, as accessories are easy to change! With accessories, you can easily add atmosphere to your home while at the same time ensuring timeless style.


Stay true to your own style

The last tip we want to give you is; stay true to your own style. It can happen that you are so busy matching all the items in your interior that you lose sight of your own style. Of course, that is not the intention! You live there and therefore you should feel comfortable in your own home. You can, for instance, give your interior your own personal touch by hanging photos of you and your family in nice frames. Don't lose sight of your own style!


Timeless window blinds

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