5 tips for your interior

With spring underway, are you getting that overwhelming feeling to brighten up your home? Well, we feel it too! It’s time to get some natural light and positive vibes into your home. Here’s our top five tips on how to create a light and airy space. These simple and handy tips won’t cost an arm and leg but will make all the difference to your home. Read on to elevate your interior and lift your mood.

Tip 1: A new lick of paint

You know this one is coming. The simplest and most effective way to brighten up your interior is to give those walls and ceilings a new lick of paint. It will do so much for your space. Choose light colours to add a fresh look to your space. We love a bright off-white tone, which is perfect for reflecting light and making your room more light, airy and spacious. You can then add some cosiness with accessories. For example, we love a splash of colour on your cushions, rugs and paintings on the wall. But by keeping the most expansive spaces, like walls, calm and neutral – you make your space more minimalistic and modern which really helps to make it seem bigger and brighter.

Tip 2: Get new light-coloured blinds

Ditch the dark and heavy window coverings you have now and swap them for some new elegant sheer or light filtering window coverings. Not only does this immediately lighten up the room by letting in natural light, but it also makes your living space less depressing. Choose light neutral colours including white, off-white, beige, light greys and taupe to really create a light and modern interior. These timeless colours will last for decades and go perfect with any interior style you have in mind. So, say goodbye to your dark-coloured blinds or curtains that are blocking the light and say hello to some fresh new light-coloured electric blinds and see the difference immediately.

Tip 3: Change your light fixtures

It’s important to choose the right lighting in your home, as it has a major impact on the overall brightness of the space. If the lighting is not good in your kitchen, lounge or hallway – then it will straightaway look dark and gloomy. Why not change the light bulbs to a brighter wattage? Then these rooms already look brighter. Even better, it to change the lighting fixtures to a bigger and better version or add more fixtures. Not only will you get natural daylight in the daytime with your new blinds, but you will also get a much lighter and brighter home in the evening with the new lighting. We recommend buying a light fixture that fits nicely with your new walls and window coverings. Think light and neutral colours.

Tip 4: Give your furniture a reshuffle

Perhaps your room is looking small and dark because of the furniture in it. If this is the case, then just do a quick reshuffle of your furniture and you can make your room feel lighter and airier. A lot of people put their sofa in front of the window, but this can often block the light. It’s better to put large pieces of furniture, like a sofa or dresser, along the wall slightly away from the window, so you open up the space in front of the window. This allows more light in and helps to brighten your room.

Tip 5: Declutter your home

This may be our last tip, but it’s not the least by a long shot. Do a good-old spring clean in your home and get rid of all unnecessary clutter. This will open your space and make it seem much cleaner and brighter. Go for a minimalistic look on your walls and not too many items on your shelves, dresser and tables. It’s better to choose just a few statement pieces to enhance your room, rather than fill it will every item you have collected over the last ten years. Just remember the good old saying: Less is more.

Need advice

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