Smartblinds met andere slimme apparaten

Smartblinds can work well with other smart devices. By making smart devices work together with your smart roller blinds, your home becomes fully automated. This provides a lot of ease and comfort in your home. Do you want to know with which smart devices Smartblinds can interact? Then read on, because we are going to tell you!

Eve Weather

The Eve Weather is a smart thermometer that can control other smart devices, including Smartblinds. You can set up the Eve Weather in such a way that the Smartblinds go down when the temperature is, for instance, 21 degrees. The Smartblinds then receive a trigger to lower them. This keeps your home cool because the Smartblinds block the heat from outside!

Smart lighting

Besides the Eve Weather, Smartblinds also work with smart lighting. For instance, set up a smart scene called; good evening. During this scene, your Smartblinds will lower and your lights will come on at the same time. You can set the smart scene as you wish and put all (possible) smart devices in the scene.

HomePod Mini

Via the HomePod Mini you can control Smartblinds and other smart devices via voice control with the smart assistant Siri. For example, have you set a smart scene called 'good evening', then by speaking 'good evening' you can activate the scene that controls your devices. How easy is that?

Devices that work with Google Home or Apple HomeKit

Besides the devices mentioned above, there are many more smart devices that can work with each other and with Smartblinds. Almost all devices that work through the same app, such as Google Home or Apple HomeKit, can work together. Do you want a fully automated house? Then don't forget to order Smartblinds!


When you have a completely smart home, you can also save a lot of energy and costs. Because through the app you can switch off all devices at once, you save energy. The appliances are not on longer than necessary. The great thing about the app is that you have control over your home wherever you are. Are you at the office and is it getting too hot in your house? Then roll down the heat-retaining blinds so the air conditioning doesn't have to be switched on!

Advantages of smart home appliances

There are many advantages of smart home appliances. As mentioned above, they save energy. In addition, it offers a lot of comfort and convenience and it can also provide safety in the home. Would you like to have Smartblinds in your home? Shop here.