Safe during the holidays

Most people look forward to their holiday and make the necessary preparations in time. Think about packing your bag, getting important papers ready and getting your house ready for the holidays. We give you three tips so you can go on holiday without worries by leaving your house safely behind. Read on and discover the tips.

Set smart scenes for your smart devices
When you go on holiday, or are away from home for a long time, it is important to let your house move (figuratively). This way, burglars will think that someone is at home, and they will be less inclined to break in. This way, you will have fewer worries while on holiday! By setting up smart scenes for your Smartblinds, your house keeps moving. For example, set the scene so that they go up a little in the morning and down all the way in the evening. Do you have smart lighting in your home? Involve it in the smart scene of your Smartblinds. In the evening, the Smartblinds go down and the lights come on. That way your house seems inhabited!
Safe during the holidays
Inform your neighbours about your holiday
To be able to go on holiday without any worries, it is useful to inform your neighbours about your holiday. This way they can keep an eye on your house and, for example, park the car in your driveway. This makes it look like someone is at home. By informing your neighbours, they can quickly raise the alarm if they suspect that something is wrong. This also ensures that you can go on holiday without any worries.
burglary prevention
Sort the mail and look after the plants
During your holiday, you will continue to receive mail at home. An overflowing mailbox sends a strong signal to burglars. It gives them the idea that nobody is at home. Therefore, make sure that someone sorts your mail while you are on holiday. Do you have plants in the house? Then ask the person who sorts your mail to water your plants as well. That way, your plants will stay beautiful! If your plants are not watered while you are away, they will not look so lively. If burglars then look through your windows and see that all your plants look bad, they will immediately get the idea that you are away. Sorting out the mail and keeping the plants looking nice will make it look like your house is inhabited. This reduces the chance of burglars and ensures that you can go on holiday without any worries!
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