Smart window coverings

Most houses in Europe still have traditional window coverings. However, lately more and more houses are equipped with smart window coverings. Many will wonder what the difference is between the two variants and why one variant offers so much more comfort than the other. We are going to tell you all about it!

Traditionele window coverings

With traditional window coverings, for example, the roller blind is operated manually via a pull cord. This means that you have to get out of your way to raise or lower the blind. The same applies to curtains, which are also manually operated in the traditional variant. There is nothing wrong with traditional window coverings, but they do lack in comfort and convenience. Especially now that there are more and more smart homes. These consumers want to enjoy optimal ease and comfort, traditional window coverings do not fit in that anymore. Do you want to know what smart window coverings entails? Then read on.

Smart window coverings

Smart window coverings are blinds that can be operated electrically. This way, smart window coverings can be operated via your smartphone. Even when you're not at home! Another benefit is that smart window coverings can work together with other smart devices in the house. In a smart home, smart window coverings should not be missing. In addition, smart window coverings also offers safety in your home. For instance, you can set smart scenes that make your blinds go up and down automatically. When nobody is at home, your house remains in motion. Smart blinds are also child safe. Because of the electric operation there is no need for a long cord, your children can play safely in the house and will not get entangled in a cord. Both traditional and smart window coverings have their own benefits. Curious about the differences between the variants?

The difference between traditional and smart window coverings

The biggest difference between the two variants is in the operation. As mentioned above, traditional window coverings are operated manually. In contrast, smart window coverings are operated electrically via a smartphone. In addition, there are also major differences in comfort and convenience. Smart window coverings offer a lot of comfort and convenience because of the electric operation and the possibility of setting smart scenes. Moreover, smart window coverings can work together with other devices, which allows you to create a complete smart home. Therefore, smart window covering offers more comfort, convenience and pleasure than traditional window covering. Still hesitating about your choice? Find out all the possibilities of smart window coverings!

Smartblinds smart window blinds

At Smartblinds, we have smart roller blinds in our range. Request free samples and see which fabric and colour match your interior. Still in doubt? We are happy to help you! One of our advisors will be happy to give you tailored advice!