Safe living with Smartblinds

Smartblinds smart window coverings do not only contribute to a better world, they also ensure that you no longer have to worry about the safety of your home. The handy smart home blinds have smart control options, putting you in control of your window decoration whenever and wherever you are. This makes your home smarter and safer. How? We explain how it works!

Burglary prevention

Smartblinds move when you want them to. Are you on holiday or at work, and do you want to deter burglars? Then you can set your smart blinds in motion from your office or holiday destination. Because your blinds open and close during the day, burglars get the feeling that someone is inside. This is called presence simulation. This way they will not be inclined to enter your house after all, but they will look for a house that seems unmanned.

Privacy in your home

Burglars often plan a burglary because they know what they can get. By regularly looking inside your house and researching your contents, they can be very targeted. Protect your valuables by installing Smartblinds. By putting good window coverings in front of your windows, burglars will no longer be able to see in. They will not know what they can get and will therefore refrain from trying to break into your home.

Child- & pet-friendly

Many window coverings contain cords that form a loop, with which the window covering can be opened and closed. However, these loops are a danger to children. Playing children, in particular, are not aware of their surroundings. Therefore, an accident, where a child gets entangled in the loop of a roller blind, can happen easily. Pets, too, are often unaware of the dangers posed by the blind's loop. Because there have been several fatal accidents in the past with children and animals suffocating in the loop of a roller blind, we have equipped our smart roller blinds with a handy pull function. Because of this, it is no longer possible for children to get trapped in dangerous loops, but there is only one cord which sets the smart blind in motion with a simple pull. Safer and more convenient! Do you want to know more about the operation of our smart blinds? Discover all our control possibilities!

Data privacy

Smart home devices are naturally always connected via the internet or the Cloud. As a result, data that is exchanged at home may end up on the street due to a hack or data leak. At Smartblinds, we want to prevent this from happening. That's why we developed the motor in such a way that data is no longer stored in the Cloud, but locally on the motor of your blind. This way, the data doesn't leave your home, so there's no danger of losing it!


Smartblinds makes you and your home safer! Would you like to know more about the many advantages that Smartblinds' smart window decoration has to offer? Then browse our website!

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