Child- and animal-friendly roller blinds

When you have children or pets, you want your home to be as safe as possible. It may not be easy to think of making your window coverings 'safe', but this is an important item that should be safe for both your child and your pet. We will tell you what to look out for when buying child and pet-friendly blinds!

What to look out for

Childproof window coverings are a must for the baby's room. Your baby will spend most of his or her time sleeping in the bedroom, but once the baby is older and becomes a toddler, he or she will also spend a lot of time playing there. In the beginning, you might not think of window decorations that have to be child-proof, but once your child is a toddler, you will pay more and more attention to safety at home. Therefore we give you three tips for child safe window decoration:

Cordless roller blinds
Cordless roller blinds are child safe because children cannot get entangled in a cord. Our roller blinds have a short cord and are fully cordless. This means that our roller blinds are controlled via your smartphone. This makes them very suitable for children's rooms!

Short roller blind cords
If you're planning to buy a roller blind for your child's room, it's good to pay attention to the length of the cord. Can your toddler reach it or not? Make sure that the cord is high enough so that they can't reach it and don't get entangled.

Use child proof solutions
When you do buy blinds with a cord that cannot hang high enough, make sure that you use cord frogs or tighteners, for instance. With a cord frog or tensioner, excessive pressure on the cord is prevented. This means that your toddler or pet cannot become entangled in the cord!

When you need new window decoration because you have just moved house or because you simply want something new, it is useful to look carefully at the safety of the window decoration for children. The same applies of course to pets. Especially with cats, it is handy if your blinds have no cords, so that the cats cannot hang in the cords.

Smartblinds are child-friendly and animal-friendly

Now you are naturally wondering; are Smartblinds child- and animal-friendly and safe? The answer is YES. Our roller blinds do not have a long cord so that children and animals cannot get entangled in them. So you don't have to worry about children or animals playing in your house!
In addition, our roller blinds are electric, which means that you can easily control your blind via your smartphone. See the range of smart blinds here.