How to furnish a smart interior with smart window coverings

Decorating your interior is for some a hobby and for others a difficult task. With smart accessories, you can make decorating your interior fun and make your daily life a little easier! We are going to tell you how to design a smart interior with smart window decorations by Smartblinds.

What is a smart interior?

A smart interior often consists of several smart devices. Think of smart devices like lighting, plugs, window coverings and much more. In a complete smart interior, all these smart devices can be connected to each other so that they can work completely together in your home. An advantage of this is that it saves you a lot of time and effort and it provides a lot of convenience!

Smart window coverings

Window covering comes in all shapes and sizes. At Smartblinds, we have smart roller blinds and soon also smart venetian blinds and honeycomb blinds. Smart window decoration means that you can operate your window coverings remotely via your smartphone. This means that you no longer have to get up from your couch to pull down your blinds, but can do this easily with a few clicks via your smartphone. It is also possible to set up smart scenes that make your window covering go up and down at specific times. Moreover, you can let Smartblinds cooperate with other smart accessories. That is why Smartblinds really belong in a smart interior!

Smartblinds in a smart interior

As we mentioned above, Smartblinds fit perfectly into a smart interior. Because of the automation, Smartblinds provide ultimate ease and comfort in your home. And because of the possibility of collaborating with other smart devices, Smartblinds can be a perfect part of your smart interior. In addition, Smartblinds provide extra security in your home. When you are not at home, your window covering keeps moving, making it seem as if someone is at home! This movement reduces the risk of burglars. Curious about the other advantages of Smartblinds? Then click here.

Which smart window covering will you choose?

At Smartblinds we have several types of smart window covering. At the moment we have roller blinds and day and night roller blinds in our assortment. Our range will soon be expanded, as we will be adding venetian blinds and honeycomb blinds! Do you find it difficult to choose which smart window covering you want in your interior? Then request free samples first and see the samples in your own home! Would you like advice from one of our advisers? Plan a free consultation and get the opportunity to ask us all your questions!