Smart roller blinds

Smart window coverings are a fairly new concept. This means that there are still many people who are not familiar with this concept. Because it is new, there are quite a few misunderstandings about it. We would like to remove these misunderstandings about smart window coverings and specifically about smart roller blinds. In this article, we will refute the misunderstandings about Smartblinds.

1. The installation of smart roller blinds is very complicated

One of the biggest misconceptions about smart blinds is that they are very difficult to install. Whereas, installing smart blinds is so easy! Once you have hung the smart blinds, all you have to do is scan the QR code that is attached to the tassel. Don't have an Apple system? Then a little more effort is needed, but connecting via a Wifi-Bridge also takes seconds! When you have installed them and have indicated your preferences, you can start operating them via your Smartphone. Enjoy ultimate convenience and comfort!

simple installation
2. Smartblinds don't work without electricity supply

Another misconception is that there are many who think that Smartblinds do not work anymore when the power goes out, but nothing is less true. Smartblinds have a battery that can be charged via a USB-C cable. This way, your blinds will still work when the power goes out. With normal use, the battery only needs to be charged once or twice a year.

electric blinds
3. Smart window coverings use unnecessary energy

It is absolutely not true that smart blinds consume a lot of energy. In fact, when you are smart with your Smartblinds you actually save energy! As mentioned above, Smartblinds run on a battery and do not need a constant power supply. This already shows that Smartblinds use very little energy. It is also true that you can save energy with clever use. For instance, by linking your Smartblinds to a smart weather station, your Smartblinds can be lowered when it is a certain number of degrees outside. This keeps the house cooler in the summer so that the air conditioning or ventilator will not have to be switched on at all!

energy saving
4. Smart window coverings cannot be controlled manually

The fourth misconception is that electric roller blinds cannot be operated by hand. This is also a misconception. Smartblinds have a short cord that allows the blinds to be operated manually. Ideal for the babysitter or cleaning help!

smart operating
5. Smartblinds are hackneyed and not safe

That smart blinds are not safe and prone to hacking is certainly not true. Thanks to the short cord, you no longer have to worry about children getting entangled in the roller blind cord. In addition, Smartblinds are safe because they do not store the data in the Cloud but in the motor itself. The chance of hackers is therefore much smaller.

safe roller blinds

More information about Smartblinds

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